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Great time on the road in Dallas New Orleans Blue Nile when the great jazz clubs and all America second straight year bringing in the house down there. If you still fall fans along the way, it was nice shouting out Griffin. I think it was we've been Griffith met him in New Orleans guy, by the way, if I'm walking gales my name, generally just can't walk him kind of wave as I stop at a dime. Like, let's talk movies. Like, what do you think of in defensive give me some feedback? What do you think of every man? So I'll say, I'm not then San Jose. I actually met a guy who was listen get picture. Okay. Then he's like, I want to talk to the file I have some ideas for the podcast. Listen, I I'm surprised as anybody sin fans are everywhere. So you're like walking in Dallas, you're in Dealey plaza. There's exit on the street, you're on the. Grassy knoll and people were like, hey, I reformed awful movie. Dutta the year. We're going to deal milk duds. Yeah. Dealey plaza. We'll get into that a second. I'm gonna watch JFK again. When's the last time you watch K probably five years ago back into the left so relatively recent? Okay. I'm gonna watch again that Emmett Seinfeld episode. I think both all the time as always checking in a I items please give us a review, I rake my movies at a four police we do those five stars. That's actually, very important Louise's cornet our bosses to meet with me, and Dan and Ricky and apparently going to go over apple analytics assertively, I'm imploring all of you write reviews right now. Give us five stars. Do we can't? Because now we're the bosses are onto us. Okay. So they're gonna start giving his data. So I need all of you to step it up, Dan. I question of your holiday season know, your father, despises bad. Santa. Was there any at least coursing dad, but at least your brothers. Did you guys watch there? We did not you. Remember, it ended Stanford family movie night was the original bad Santa. We did not watch it this year. No. Is there a movie for the six of you that you can all watch together their staple miracle on thirty four from nothing re. Really we used to our siblings. We used to be trivial pursuit on Christmas morning. And I'm sitting there trying to watch like the NBA. It didn't happen this year either. I think we're all getting old. But says you get older you just get out of the hell. Yeah. Everybody's over thirty now. So here's your ties, let's move on passports celebrated his Christmas middle of December a little bit early for Ricky. But still got it done, Ohio. Yeah. That's generally how it goes. The last eight years have been up here. Fly back a week or two before. And we do it. And it's it's become our tradition as you told me with the grossing movie season and your dentist you've been grinding you grind.

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