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It's ambi- or something like that. I like another like trope that. It'd be like wacky Lincoln, you know. Yeah, there's a whole movie where he hunts vampires. Yeah. Or us made I don't know about that. Clone high is about you know, Lincoln as the main character, it's like a high school. Yeah. You know, something like that. Or there was a hard drinking Lincoln was a I think it was Mike Reese, Al Jean. It just Lincoln such like an iconic. Yeah. The Rick and Morty character whose half Lincoln half Hitler. It's like a genetic experiment. Yeah. People do with him all the time. Yeah. He's he's in Bill and Ted's, you know. Oh, right. Ends with and party on dudes think. Because he's such an iconic image that lay it's such an easy thing to then twists and then be like now, he's wacky. But he he just was right? He like was that. And the most, you know, the bloodiest period in American history, probably the most painful dark time, and like dealing with the most serious issue in like American history. And is this like jokester, basically, there's a detail he did impressions of his opponents into Bates. Yeah. Which is really like a I mean again relevant to now or it's like, where's the dignity in politics or something? And you're like it's never been dignified. Like, it's all seriously. It's like, yeah. It's always been cruel and Lincoln like silly imitating Jefferson Davis. Yeah. Because like contemporaries writing about Lincoln, partly because the past was very racist. But one way they would say he was good at impressions was that. He can do almost every ethnicity like Dutchman he can do Irish. And he can do black peop- amaze. But also, there's a famous story of Lincoln was campaigning for to get re elected to the Illinois state house of representatives, and he had an opponent named Jesse b Thomas he was in a live to bait with him. Thomas said mean things about Lincoln and Lincoln decided to get back at him. He would just do a really mean impression of how Thomas talked and walked and looked and the crowd was howling and laughter and observers say that it made Thomas cry publicly like his opponent wept because the impression was so mean and the crowd laughed so hard at it. And that was ABRAHAM LINCOLN running gear office, basically doing mile lake rap battle, right? Yeah. Like there's movies and plays of the Lincoln Douglas debates on how stentorian and perfect of an order. Lincoln was and he would also do crazy bits about the. Yeah. He's spitting rhymes and like a crew people. Lands thing about this guy's doing an impression of it's like, the comedy, central roast of goods opponents killing it. Great. Are she vice president Hannibal Hamlin is here? And he's like, oh here we go read. We're trying to watch it like other efforts are dated. But this was the golden age, you know. And then they have like they have like a couple of stock people who are clearly there just to make jokes about them. Like, you know, like vanilla ice is on the panel or something. All they're just they're so they can rip on them. But getting paid. Ray like secretary of war Edwin Stanton has to have some jokes about celebrities of the time. Yeah..

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