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Scarves goggles. Probably GONNA be Windy. Ski Boots Yeah. It would definitely be windy. Yeah and you need to protect yourself from frostbite. Facemasks would be another thing. You would probably see a lot of like ski mask Balaclava Those things are co that. Go over your face. Yeah Yeah I like them. Yeah like maybe we can do a cool for or wool. Ski Mask because you need to protect your nose will is like one of the first things get frost bit in when you're in the scenario so you need to cover your your nose so it doesn't fall off so that'd be something interesting to help. Cover your nose. It doesn't fall off during your ice age back to natural disasters. There's four that I have broken down. We'll go one by one a hurricane hurricane ooh like dorks store during or after the hurricane. Let's say both I'd say I during and then after okay hurricane so you're going to want to stay in like any kind of a sturdy above ground building like gyms and things like that but if you're outside I mean we're talking gale force winds so a lot of windbreakers Lotte raincoats. Raincoats Flood Pants Ski Pants. Then you probably would not help you in hurricane. Yeah no no. It wouldn't help you. It would hurt you because you're like you're giving yourself like something to pull you away. You'd Mary poppins yourself. Maybe yeah you'd fly off into the sky And then also thinking about like having deal with a world that's flooded after the effects of hurricane or any of these natural disasters I don't know if this is further on the list but like I'm just looking back to like Hurricane Katrina and any of the hurricanes in the south like we're talking like flooding up to your roof so that also like now instead of having cars we all have boats and you have to think about like being able to move in the water and be waterproof so feel scuba like scuba culture with totally.

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