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Judge Kavanagh's accuser, they say she should testify before the Senate late next week if she will follow Kavanagh's testimony and questioning is done by the senators what the Republicans want is for her to tell her story, and he is then allowed to rebut and the questioning is done by an outside counsel CBS's, Nancy, Cordes, Republicans may be willing. It sounds to shift. This hearing back a couple of days, but it's all a give and take. So one thing we do know is very important to the Ford attorneys is this notion of Ford and Kevin a not being questioned by outside coun. Being questioned by senators themselves. She Bs news legal analyst Rikki Klieman. She wants the senators who many of whom may or may not understand what a sexual assault victim goes through to show their true colors. News update. I'm Jim shanavie. KCBS news time, twelve thirty two bars. Asking riders to be aware of continuing trackwork this weekend. KCBS Margie shaver reports. The work is one of many projects being funded through voter approved bonds, the Trump work in Oakland being done. This weekend is a continuation of weekend. Trackwork that began in August. We've been shutting down the area over those weekends. So we can do the sort of work that we just cannot do during normal overnight shutdown. Bart. Spokesman Chris Phillipi has a message for riders. We definitely want them to plan it head. We are still going to have service. We won't be running trains between west Oakland and lake Merritt. And we will not be running trains between west Oakland nineteenth street. We will have. A bus bridge. Thanks to our partners at EC transit. This work is being funded through our bond measure approved by voters in November of two thousand sixteen and our bond committee meets quarterly to oversee expenditures and project were ninety four percent ahead of schedule in terms of putting money into projects measure our projects will be going on for the next few decades. But at this moment with the first ten percent of the bond. Money's the agency is way ahead of schedule. In terms of putting it into action in Oakland Margie Schaefer, KCBS Disneyland hotel workers begin voting today on a tentative contract agreement which would lead to higher wages reporter Cooper Rummell with our all news sister station in KNX are all new sister station KNX in Los Angeles has the story. The deal has been in the works for a year and a half. If the new contract is approved by union members who work at the Disneyland hotel about twenty seven hundred employees. There would get a pay increase tentative agreement would raise the wages from thirteen twenty five an hour to fifteen dollars an hour. Rachel Gumbo is with the union representing. Zealand workers. She says the new contract would also help a lot of employees get bonuses. She says it is so needed that really will put workers in a place where they're lifted out of poverty while they worked for Disney. Recent survey found a few thousand Disneyland workers are either homeless or struggle to pay rent. Disney says the tentative deal shows the company's commitment to its employees by providing industry leading wages. And that's reporter Cooper Rummell with Kennex in Los Angeles. Well parents in three states receive calls from Mexico saying their children had been kidnapped and demanding a ransom. If that wasn't enough. Prosecutors say those kidnappings never happened yesterday. Thirty five year old Houston woman was sentenced to more than seven years in federal prison for her role in the scam. Investigators are calling virtual kidnapping parents in California, Idaho in Texas were targeted some ransom money was dropped in Houston or received through wire transfers victims testified in court that the caller is threatened them and their families. If they reported the crime. Well, Sarah Palin. Steph ommission lawsuit against the New York Times could move forward. The once Republican vice presidential nominee is suing the paper for an editorial published last year. A three judge panel says it was unusual that a judge tossed the lawsuit after hearing testimony from only one witness the panel still hasn't ruled on the appeal the editorial called America's lethal politics was published after a gunman opened fire on Republican lawmakers in Virginia and wounded Representative Steve Scalise. It twice was corrected. When readers complained that it appeared to blame Palin political action committee for political incitement.

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