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Everything. Like in one, can win sorry, spending, routing, tabitha, there, depending on what they have or horses, baby horses, female boys, no matter what you have, I don't want to be known by having one, it's basically one angle like this spring trainer or this is a baby trainer or this is a claim in trainer. I want to have it all. And pretty much thank God the stats are showing that we pretty good of the claim. We are pretty good with the first timer. We're pretty good with three rolls. We pretty good running claimings or running main special ways or running stage of waste eggs or it doesn't matter where we've got like we already have I just wing. Where do you need to improve the most right now? I wouldn't move or fit anything that I have right now. I just try to focus more on getting better horses and new clients and Broadway clients that are already in the big leagues. Not many as a claiming, I would happy to train them and to have them is the good horses and the stakes of the are going to show you around that I'm going to give you a reputation that is going to last forever. So right now I'm just trying to focus now that the sales are coming 18, 25 year links that have the potential to be good to it and really good sales. So maybe I'm lucky and have a whole thing and go to the Kentucky area or to areas of international show, I asked you the one attribute or quality of your father as a trainer that you have tried to emulate. How about your uncle Gustavo? What are some of the things that he does well that you have tried to take away from his operation and do it your way? Well, I always say more this is more personal like of his personality and his character. The guys never satisfied and it doesn't matter what happened that day guru but the next day he worked harder and he gets a little better. He will do he's a guy that is always pushing for better and always striving for better. It's easy to say but it's not easy to do it when they do have 300 savings 65 days and through the years to keep that intensity and that determinant is remarkable. So I think that was the thing I appreciated for his experiences and for all his lessons that the guy in life he always never back down he never fills down like makes us there is always moving forward. He will turn the page and move forward and move forward and try to do things different or better but it will move forward. The whole win or lose he always move forward. So I try to be the same. I'd like to be always like a baseball player that one day got stuck out the first three in the first I forget that right away and I tried to go to the next one and not keep it down in my mind too much so I don't waste time and I don't get stuck in the past. I just try to move forward and be better every day. And you've done it very, very well and it must be fun when you get to run against your uncle too and kind of lock horns with him on the racetrack. I'm sure that's a fun family dynamic too visiting with Jorge Delgado who is my special guest here on trainer talk presented by phasic tipton Jorge we're down to the final three minutes or so in the program and I always like to wrap up the show by asking trainers to tell me something about themselves that we haven't talked about yet. So any other hobbies or interests or sports that you follow or anything like that that you enjoy doing outside of racing. And a big fan of basketball and a big fan of soccer. I love music. I love to listen to music and every other like that's one of my things. I like to go to the gym and like clean my mind and try to feel better mentally and just put my airports on and lead it to music is one of my favorite things to do. And pretty much I consider myself, I can see I can be seen a little rough sometimes scary. I've been told, but I'm pretty much, in my opinion, I'm down to fun times and time and I'm pretty much there myself more like a child and more like a key to have a junk so I'm just I will leave my time person and just try to have the time. Yeah, I don't find you scary at all. I never was scared doing this show with you my friend. Never once. I heard that in this wagon, not so long ago. I guarantee she has looking for a job and she says, I just want to go, but you always saw the focus and you look scary. Focused. Dialed in, whatever word you want to use to describe it. That is Jorge Delgado. It's been a wonderful, wonderful hour hearing your story, Jorge. I can't thank you enough

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