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What's up brian. I am pumped. This is a game that we've been counting to since one thousand nine fifty nine. When bobby lane was traded to the pittsburgh steelers from the detroit lions and he put the curse on the line. Sing that they'll never win again. Hey they haven't won a championship sense. Is that a rosy next jersey. No it's my new joe. Schober you get in here number forty five around. I want proof. Turner all men and turn around the name. I can't nudge issue to show. He's gonna keep the number right. He's not said on twitter. Temporary and then i retweeted ends. It don't buy joe sherbert jersey and everyone thought that i was meaning that he's going to be cut or not. Make the like no. He's just saying he's going to change his number. Once cut surveyed any good thing it's a rosy next who would've known at anyways. Dave scofield's probably excited more data for dave on saturday with dave gotta get that data gotta love it. Turn out those numbers these data or data. It's data. No you said that very definitively. I'm pretty sure some people say data on. Well you ask you what i say. Yeah right you could have said is it is data like it's this is how it is for me. It's knows why because that is how it was properly enunciated on one star trek the next generation with the android by the name of data. Sure we'll take it okay. So let's get started. I want to talk about something. That's not necessarily steelers related right now in. This is just because it's kind of a hot topic on twitter and that is training camp fights we chuckle. because we know we're gonna be talking about Mister big chest aka ronald ocean aka be antoni around was mixing it up down in tampa with the tennessee. Titans i'm not sure even hit a cornerback was a great shot because it matter those a great shot of evita connecting with a left javer hook i swear to the face but nonetheless guys this is not the only fight is taking place. I know the jon. Gruden pulled the raiders off. the field. took him to the buses. Like we're not doing this. I guess it was at the rams. Maybe they got into some fisticuffs jomon. Let's just talk about joint practice fights because that seems to happen a lot and it even happened with the pittsburgh a few years ago. I remember when the buffalo bills came to saint vincent college they had some Scuffles there the detroit. Lions had come the Not heinz field. Sorry to saint vincent before similar story. Brian what's your take on these camp fights okay or come on guys know. You're no year professionalism. We'll put it. It's for me. It's no your professionalism. You know a ban it's happening all over. And when you know when you said joint practice fights randy gregory of the of the cowboys got excited. Because he was like. I mean that was awesome he. He's not the only one martavis bryant. I really do. Wonder gordon's give my name out there. It's it's happening like crazy though. Even the even the flights in the stands there's been a couple of stands fights that have been absolutely incredible. That was rams and chargers rams and chargers on a slack. Channel and seahawks and raiders came to There was a so it was absolutely crazy. I don't know what's going out out west but it's really funny. I i have a cousin and she married a guy. That was a raiders fan and back in the eighties. I mean i talk him in the nineties. He was telling me about you. Being a fan being raiders fan. It was la raiders. At the time he would actually say so this scar right here. This is broncos eighty seven. This one's this one's eighty eight. You know. I mean it's just like some of the places you go you expect the fight as you think. Join cam practice is one of those places. Yeah well you shouldn't. You should not have a joint camp practice you know. It's kind of a goodwill thing to be practicing together because this this is one of those things that you know. The two teams are coming together to share a practice field to plate to get ready together. They don't need this going on. And you know if you get hot under the collar something happens pushing and shoving is one thing you know a push to say. Hey you know. Somebody jumping in but fisticuffs. That's a different thing and you know you also be smart if you're the player. I mean antonio brown. I mean when you're your hands are your livelihood in your throw throwing a shot. I mean you throw that shot a how many people throw a punch and throat wrong enough that they mess up their hands on. Thanks to mr big chests. Yeah ronnie ocean from dave. What about you. you're a player. You coach. I'm sure you've dealt with your share of dust as we used to call it. What do you think about this situation. All right well first of all when it comes to. Let's say a joint practice. I've never been to still latrobe to see. Steelers training camp practice or heinz field this year but i have seen the steelers participate in joint practices before at frostburg state university when they used to travel down there to take on the then washington redskins. And i don't ever remember seeing a anybody you know there might have been some jarring jawing at each other but there was really no throwdown. But it's kind of interesting that you say this and then we wonder why the nfl was is cracking down on the taunting. It's funny they want to crack down on the taunting because they're on on honestly truthfully. I believe it's because of the retaliation factor of then when you go out. Are you taking a shot at someone on the field and blah blah blah and what it could lead to and we complain that they're going to start calling that which is funny. Because i listened to your. Let's ride from wednesday and the about what happened in the in the colts panther's game. I do believe who they were playing. Yeah and and i'm like you do realize that that is not allowed on any level of football until you get the nfl..

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