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To Christmas with its twinkling lights on the tree and honoring too bright star of Bethlehem. There is Hanukkah with its ritual of lighting, the minora and the canary candles of kwanza, ancient Egyptians to celebrated the daily rebirth of raw the God of the sun, and as the gyp shin culture spread throughout Mesopotamia and into Europe. Other civilizations also began their own rituals in festivals to welcome back. The sun after the winter's Darcus day people from many cultures to comfort in knowing the following this bleak period marked by cold and darkness. The sun would indeed return. A festival known as you'll may have also been partly a celebration of the returning son as well. You'll a pagan winter festival was celebrated by the dramatic people of northern Europe. And was observed before Christianity was even a fledgling religion. There is some disagreement over whether or not the celebration of you'll had anything to do with a sun. And this is because they're little is actually known about the Norse pagan religion and its adherence Pated in you'll mainly the knowledge gathered of this people and their beliefs and rituals has been gained through rare archaeological finds folklore, and if you all texts, but whether or not you'll was a festival centered on the sun still one of the most important aspects of the you'll celebration was light. And this included the burning of you'll logs and bonfires you'll a celebrated anciently was believed to have been a twelve day festival. A time of worship of their God. Odds, and it fell around the winter solstice in addition to bonfires it also involved days of feasting drinking indulging in pleasures of the flesh animal sacrifice. These northern lands of the Norse people were particularly susceptible to long dark days in the winter with some portions experiencing just a few hours of sunlight each day after which the world was plunged back into darkness again. During these nights winds howled like ravenous wolves through stark branches rattling them like shivering bones under these conditions. It was considered unwise to be out at night, especially at midwinter during the twelve days of you'll and on those days. The you'll log was kept burning as a sort of protection and place for the family together. But it wasn't just a danger of nature and hungry animals, roaming, the woods that caused concern for their thought to be other dangerous creatures wandering in the dark as well. Otherworldly spirits dangerous. Supernatural entities and spirit of the dead were believes his stock the countryside on those cold dark nights. This was the season of ghosts inspectors who were ushered in by. What was called the wild hunt rider? Stephen Grundy said of the wild hunt. When the winter winds blow an. You'll fires are let it is best to stay indoors safely shut away from the dark paths and the wild heath those who wander out by themselves during a you'll nights may hear a sudden wrestling through.

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