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Dr jekyll runs pro dgm which is a a semi government semi secrets uh organization dedicated to stop fighting the occult around the world and this is like the kind of hub a round which all of these universal monster movies is going to rotate ewing said this is the equivalent of like the muto thing the government in exile of monica yawns or or shield or a on in the marvel universe i mean at the the idea is that dr jekyll will be kind of our project monarch keeping yep keeping an eye on all the various things in your there's there's a semi cool scene but also just kind of semi terrible scene where tom cruise's like wandering around the prodigious him offices and he sees like skulls in jars it's like there's a human skull human skull then a skull with fangs oh my god dracula it's dracula guys jackie liz in this universe anyway so like i said it's not checking arthur bad it doesn't a better job of like setting up in this world in which we are going to have other future instalments um but it is bad it's bad it's it's a it's a bad movie in it is it's it is not well done and it is uh it is failing at the box office domestically it had a pretty big open overseas but yet aged china i saw but uh i i i do think that it's it's going to kind of die on the vine would you were done watching this movie did you think you to yourself i made a smart choice by going or no yeah well i mean look you one 'hasta experience the culture in order to grapple with it that's my that's my theory of because you know sunny there's a smart a choice.

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