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Southwest Airlines regarding my upcoming travel to Las Vegas on Wednesday Travel notice as of August I we will no longer serve peanuts to. Create a, welcoming environment for customers with peanut related allergies so I. Can't take peanuts but I can take a Horno you can take peanuts they won't serve you peanuts Why What would they do if, I if they found me eating peanuts on the, plane. Nothing. Nothing if you brought him unless you started smearing them on somebody who had a peanut, allergy you're just not gonna. Lift the whole point is to keep the peanuts off the. Plane you think they wouldn't say a word to me if I just brought my, own but why would they Well. It seems counter counter productive doesn't I agree no doesn't it. Man I kind of agree with that only because like I think I should be, able to have my Sergey, and. You walk down the aisle with the snack tray, and you were, like would you like some, snacks and we. Have Honey roasted peanuts we, have cookies Akers etc okay great I would like some. Peanuts I would like whatever or I'm sorry I have. A. Peanut allergy but thank, you I'll have this crackers instead and I'm sitting on the other side of the going none for me flight? Attendant, eyebrow at my own peanuts right and I'm sitting there. You might think that you're sitting there your. Peanuts, who they don't want me to have peanuts on the? Plane, no they don't want to serve. You peanuts. On, the point they. Don't wanna be responsible for your allergy yeah but aren't they responsible if they knowing if they live How does that, affect someone else's allergy you're not allergic to peanuts the. Way you're allergic to pollen is not the smell there. Are. Peanut dust can actually, cause people thought spreading the pita dust around like he's some sort of weird tin I think everything's fine believe? Me, I think southwest keep serving peanuts just saying for consistency. Sake isn't there a thing there I mean. I, don't know how they would you mean continuity not consistency There's, a level of incontinence. In regards. To this policy I, mean, really, an regarded that to. You anybody who has been, RG could also have a. Tree nut allergy and if you brought? On a bag of trail mix yeah who's to say you know what I mean. The only thing I say is that if at some point they find the people are allergic to the Cynthia cinnamon. Cookies that they serve. On the. South west planes and they stopped serving those will I'm gonna, ROY raise holy heck those? Cookies are, good so people were treated allergies don't go to? Baseball games I don't I'm not saying that I'm just saying. Same with, peanut allergies I mean people go. To baseball games the only time I've known people who've had peanut, allergy's the only time I've ever seen it affect them. As. When they've actually, ingested the peanut when they've? Been rain one supposedly though there are people that are like you know they the dust or something like that like caused him great distress and whatever and it's the, same thing so I. Don't know. I don't, have that, problem, neither, do I we all. Remember from the ballgame keep, your peanuts away from me I don't. Care if I ever get back And we all remember that classic yeah What's your Archie story a bronze Archie statue has been erected. To honor the way before you finish I've been waiting for this story for two weeks because I've seen the headline that Archie, gets a statue and I don't know and you're going. To give us the answer in second if it's a statute of the comic book character Archie bunker or I can't wait to find out who. Aren't you Griffin or the Archie. Griffin. I didn't, even, think about. That okay go ahead Jack, we're, excited we're, waiting with baited breath Meredith New Hampshire a lifestyles bronze statue of a red haired freckled faced Archie Andrews no greeting visitors at the New Hampshire town in honor of a local man who drew the comic book character, and his, group of wholesome teenage friends Bob Montana illustrated Archie Betty Veronica and jug head from nineteen forty two. Until his death in nineteen seventy five he lived for thirty, five years in the town of Meredith which is a town of about six thousand residents in. The heart of the state's lakes region the statue Archie sitting on. A Park bench was commemorated several weeks ago now because cutting the story in Meredith community park to coincide with the town's two hundred and fiftieth anniversary Ma Bob Montana brought the Archie Andrews, character to, life when he drew the first Archie comic strip while renting a cottage on lake Waukesha in nineteen. Forty two that was my least favorite of the arches I'm, Sarah there's also the band the Archie wasn't that a band featuring Archie and Betty and Veronica. Yes was it yes it was Yeah it was. Related to the cartoon in the congress thing. Sugar sugar. Sugar oh well like, that song and then Archie also spring forth another band what Josie. And, the pussycats? L., let's right From that that's okay fair enough All right let's hit a. Break, here when we.

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