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World three seventy six westbound looks like fair enough to renounce on the left lane is out for construction also the off ramp to south street that remains closed at this hour well they should be re opening up in another hour or so a Boulevard northbound Wissahickon abroad that's been cleared but the offramp to Wissahickon on the Boulevard that remains close for overnight construction as well if you're one of the turnpike got a couple of issues to deal with the turnpike westbound approaching Bensalem that has a right lane closure in for a little bit longer also northeast extension heading southbound approaching Quakertown that left wing is out for overnight roadwork Chestnut Street then you shut down at thirtieth everyone has to turn left on chest not also Chestnut Street is Google app there was no right turn that is due to the remnants of overnight construction Jersey bridges those are in good shape mass transit that is on or close to schedule that's the big losses mainly interested in one of the twenty four hour traffic the insurance institute for highway safety is calling on car makers to make sure their systems that help you with the driving don't also give you a false sense of security system second break for you keep you in your lane even steer for you also need to want you to make sure your rain gauge says institute president David arcade it's very easy for your mind to wander to other things and to to do secondary tasks such as texting argue says the systems also need ways to better alert drivers if they're not engaged and even safely stop the vehicle if drivers don't respond Jeff Gilbert CBS news Detroit two employees at CBS news headquarters in New York City tested positive for the coronavirus Wednesday because of that.

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