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Wrote him a check. So I wouldn't go much pressure. I've never been invited. Because I would drink the drink. I made. Yeah. Just don't know how to make drinks. I got the ice. Like, I could be a great guy that'd be your ice guide. Look a bucket in one of the nice things you could be the guy that when you go up to the Barney like excuse me. I'm not the bartender. Okay. I was a celebrity chef at Benny hana's wants to how many people did you injure? I didn't well. There's still telling the numbers they don't have a full tally yet. But were you there? The same night. Yeah. I made people very angry because I wouldn't quit until I could get a shrimp. Landed on the shrimp. Or your pocket? Shrimp, all over the floor piling up. I'm going to need more shrimp. Keep missing my hat. We went over the shrimp budget. So. They have celebrity Benny hana's. The fire. You know, who is good at that was rob L gifts from channel five. Yeah. He's good. Channel seven dollars at seven. Yeah. Because he was good at that. Mean he made some crack a bunch of radio people that happened to be standing there about having faces for radio. Yeah. I said, okay. Pretty boy to go back to your little thing. Now. And us carrying with me. Oh, definitely very brave. And I think that was post OJ wasn't that was after OJ. Yeah. So anything could have happened. They waited until the OJ thing was over. Let us be slipping. Frauds listening now threatening to be just. He able to make the onion volcano. What's that? Let us do the they told us point blank attempts the onion volcano, they says the coolest thing. Come on. Hear the part where I couldn't get shrimp on my hat. Easier. Steve was using his hands. Can't use your hands. Reaching in there. Now, it's the volcano shrimp won't stay Rushmore. Have you been to a steakhouse? Like, it's been a long time. What would the family like six months ago? It's actually pretty cool. Katori small talk with strangers that Richard. Sure. The big problem is that your heroin, smells like it. After you leave don't I know it. His beard smell like it. You know, I've been told. To take a shower after being all the oil. Yeah. Total. We got rob elegance coming up. Yes. We do. Tell him. Hello for me. I'll tell said. We'll be back tomorrow. See the Steve Cochran show celebrates the most valuable person on the planet each and every weekday morning at seven twenty on seven twenty WGN Chicago. You're smart speaker user, just say play WGN radio on tune in news. Sponsored by builders supply outlet. Here's Steve Bertrand, mostly cloudy. We are at forty two degrees now at O'Hare big changes for the Lincoln yards. Proposed development on the north side. Along the Kennedy second ward alderman Brian Hopkins says today, the developers are dropping a plan twenty thousand seat stadium along with entertainment venues that were to be run by live nation local clubs oppose the live nation involved that he end could be near for Sears as the Hoffman estates based retailer has rejected a last ditch effort to save the iconic brand from liquidation Asli, I thought Sears would be gone to three years ago. Let's Dave plyer WGN host and co CEO of retail I corporation. He says it has been a long and slow death March for the iconic brand blowing up that's where we went for back to school. That's we went for for everything and anything I..

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