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A 120 countries this is Bloomberg radio Now a global news update dozens of children separated from their family at the border are being brought back together but hundreds of children are still waiting to be reunified with their families Homeland Security secretary Alejandro mayorkas announced on Twitter over 100 kids separated under former president Trump's border policy were reunited with their families Airlines are blaming the COVID amaron bearing for a widespread flight cancellations united says it cancel 112 flights for Friday saying it will attempt to read book as many people as possible Delta cut 90 scheduled flights in Alaska canceled 17 flights Christmas Eve is here and that means Santa is on the move more from Mark Mayfield Norad the North American aerospace defense command is tracking his progress as it has done every year since 1955 Santa begins delivering presence in the South Pacific then heads west until he wraps up in Canada the U.S. Mexico and South America and he moves fast stopping at nearly 400,000 homes a minute Stock markets are closed today for Christmas I'm Michael kassner You're listening to Bloomberg business of sports from Bloomberg radio This is the Bloomberg business of sports show where we explore the big money issues in the world of sports I'm Michael Barr I'm scarlet fu And I'm Mike lynch And let's continue our conversation now with Steve Young he's the chairman of the board of integrity marketing group and of course Hall of Fame quarterback and I'm sorry I'm not going to let this one go Mike lynch and Steve Young were talking off air and it was a great story Lentil you gotta tell it again Well I'll make it really quick I played I was a quarterback in the kicker at Harvard and we were the defending Ivy League champions and we played in a rain storm I kicked the field goal to make it three to two in the third quarter Cornell had the ball in their own 15 yard line they snapped it over the kicker's head he retrieved it 9 yards deep in the end zone and just ran a 109 yards for a touchdown It was the only game Cornell one that year And at the end of the day they fired their coach whose name was George seifert And then he went to the coach's convention in St. Louis and Pete Carroll came in and saw him at the bar and he said I just got fired from Cornell I'll never get another coaching job again and he wound up being on the forty-niners staff and when Walsh waltz left that he whisked two world champions ships he coached for he was at redshift He did So and once you build one three and then George one two That's right And you made a trip to Cornell I understand every recruitment One of my pretty trips I took the 5 trips in 1980 was the Cornell and I joke to I've never been cold on palliative there but I was told I've ever been a tutorial valley but bob blackman was a coach and if they would have given scholarships I would have gone to Cornell But the idea didn't give scholarships It was like free versus $10,000 a year I choose free So that was my big chance to be in a Cornell quarterback I would have gone to Ivy League if they but they couldn't compete with the scholarship but Steve you and I could have been alums of the same school I'm so disappointed Well you were recruited to play at UNC but you chose to play for BYU Obviously you were recruited at Cornell as well I'm just curious How do you think BYU student Steve Young would handle name image and likeness It would be complex I mean I'm very early You can imagine you don't have 5 bucks for pizza as a student And all of a sudden you're battling for thousands if not tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars And you're seeing other guys getting it And then when does that age you have no sense of what it's going to be in the future It's just me I got dollars in my pocket today And so and that's super cool And then you guys buying cars You've got guys lots of money And then I just it's very complex situation A lot of colleges are trying to figure out how to make it more egalitarian and kind of take the NIL for the team football is not going to look like that But I think some of the best programs I've seen is when they'll do an NIL for the whole woman's volleyball team Vince golf team Something like that And then kind of share it because I think that's the hard part is that when somebody in football is making lots of money running around campus And somebody is not It just makes it much more It's just it adds complexity to an already tough situation It can be a locker room divider can it A 100% You've got to be really on top of it as opposed to this got to be something that they spend a lot of time trying to figure out Because it can absolutely break locker rooms Or like anything that's complex it can actually develop some magic and do something really cool So the idea that we're putting money in people's pockets that they're playing the game is I'm not against it But I see it as an opportunity but a complex opportunity You had a lot of pride when we started the show and you were talking about your business and it's something that always kind of warms my heart because I love any entrepreneur who's willing to put it out there whether it's what you're doing or whether it's a guy owning a pizzeria or whatever it's that person that business owners saying this is mine This is what I'm trying to do That spirit of entrepreneurship Can you expand more on that and what we were talking about Yeah and I think that that's what makes America great Innovation and the opportunity to do that You travel around the world there's not a lot of environments where that's encouraged or allowed or embraced And so it's awesome And we need to really guard it entrepreneurial innovative spirit is like very important to and we can go into long as geopolitical conversation around just like what makes what makes America a great country and despite our affordable despite all our mess ups despite all of our flaws there are some things that really make it great And this is one of the main ones So we got a guarded But I guess what we're talking about today is I did this I own it I clotted out of the I tell any Don entrepreneur Any founder anybody that started a business there's nothing harder And when they've done it I think my cap to them And that's my business today is getting to know these folks that are doing this Many women that are clotted out of nothing and there's something amazing about it But I guess what I'm saying is that spirit of its mind and I did it needs to expand and kind of take the approach of Bill Walsh like yes but I can share it I can pay it forward I can figure out ways to embrace it for other people who can create an entrepreneurial spirit in their own way It might not be literally starting a business but starting your own careers and how I can give them this goes back this equity idea and what Brian did a couple of years ago it's really it's a flowering effect that even as I speak about it I know.

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