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Junior. He's a sophomore. Okay. He's a sophomore. So please go over Catholic sports dot net and trinity is playing Saint ex at a sold out nights hall at Bellarmine, right? You cannot go if you want. All right, so go rocks. We will see you on Wednesday. We're going to try to talk somebody into letting us broadcast on Tuesday from one of these bear knows don't forget try to take care of the family of Megan dotes son is do we know how old the sun is? I don't know. I think he's very young. But I do know our good friends at Baranov is going to donate twenty percent of everything they make this Tuesday. That's all Louisville and southern Indiana. So let's drive them crazy and make the bear knows folks. Worked for all. We don't have good from the navy for the text. I just got we don't know funeral plans for Jim wall. Well, as you know him as Harley yet. So we'll pass along if they want us to all right, man. Have a great weekend. Thank you. Thank you Haley for Dwight Whitney. Tony Bonetti have a great weekend. Good night. Mary. To come back home in Syria ice forming Christmas shutdown wall steel slats shut down the border record-setting stock market investigation. People OC takes over winter, cold, extreme cold, stay warm. Stay informed with the hottest happenings at the top. And thirty minutes past the hour right now. Breaking news and breaking the cold snap know, what's going on with NewsRadio. Eight forty. WHAT s changes are coming.

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