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It's Brian Campbell here back on the show. Now, we were supposed to be forty, but Chuck mendenhall went to the presser in Montreal to go say goodbye to George saint-pierre. So he was going to be here. I guess they'll be here next week. I don't know. Anyway. All right. Thank you so much for joining us as always we'll get to your tweets and whatnot. At the end of the show keeps sending them using the hashtag the enemy beat. We appreciate all this emissions up to this point. So without further ado, boys and girls, let's get the show. Now, this is a pretty big day in the sport, in my opinion. No, this is up for debate. But I believe that George saint-pierre is the greatest fighter of all time. And again, there's a little bit better on that. I don't think also it's that close of a call. But okay. Some people are married to bad ideas in any event, he called it quits today. Get a press conference in Montreal Danny we saw most of it. Some of it was in French. But we got the gist of it. There's a lot unpack here. I guess I'll start with generally action. What did you make of the press conference? And what he had to say. You know, I I I was wondering if all of this would be negotiation tactic. You know for him to get some leverage. And perhaps, you know, get the fights that he wants because we know he's still interested in fighting. And you know, with this presser just looking him up there and the way he was answering questions he just feels at peace with decision. And I think he said something very important. He's like, you know, I don't always know what I want. But what I do know is that I certainly don't want to stick around longer than I need to win. You know? That's that's a story that we've seen all the time in me. So. I think it's the time. I think he's achieved everything that he's been you know, he could possibly achieve and to me this feels like the I don't really I don't feel like this is some sort of negotiation tactic from George. Well, let's not forget Georgia's an incredible businessman. So everything did feel heartfelt felt real George says, this is the end he doesn't want to end up being washed. It doesn't want to have somebody retire. He wants to retire himself. Then. Wow. All you can do is respect that. There's a shortlist of people. I don't know rocky Marciano Floyd Mayweather Lennox Lewis. We've been able to go out as champion on their own terms. I know he vacated the midway bell. But you get my point there. I think we just have to stop and give them around applause like George. We are impressed by your performance in the legacy for me. I don't mean to skip ahead questions. But it's just it's not even about the nine welterweight title defenses. Or did he crack that top three or your number one of the greatest of all time? I think there's a cheesy side his legacy that we all have to respect and this trash talking crazy era where we're not that far removed from the just bleed infancy of the sport. Here's a guy who did it his own. Way. And I don't mean, you know, I did it. My way like Conor McGregor went out there and said F the world, I mean GSP did it his own way. While always doing things the right way. And I think that really stands out in his commitment to his convictions decision making whether it was walking away in two thousand thirteen on top because he didn't like the drug testing culture because the anxiety was getting too much of him for being the champion because you've got concussed against Hendrix..

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