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Did that that story. What was gonna tie into rebirth. And i said to him. I was like you know. These stories meant a lot to me because you came out john. Ken was born the same year that my son was born so i became a father at the same time. That superman became father. Dan's cam that's all like could tell commotion he signed him. I'm sure most people talk about death of superman. i might. Nah talk about this. This like i wanted to talk about electric. Blue superman has to throw him off. You know but. I didn't have that much time. But it was a great experience and having just listened to your part of your From crisis to death and segment which has been great just kind of contextualising. More of where superman was at that time you know. Dangerous had a large role to play in the whole death. So i was like the first person that felt like. I have to send a message to about this. Was you but by signal was bad. So you're like nothing's coming through. And i'm just like i was like you would appreciate this. I seen anything but then eventually the photo. I've had the opportunity to meet dan juergens. Low a buddy of mine met him at risk on years. And i'm the my buddy and to to dan juergens. Dan recorded a video to me acknowledging that responsible for getting me in very voice still have that day and i hope to be able to meet him at some point. I you know like you said we've been talking a lot about early crying era. That have not yet made any attempt to get dan juergens on l. I actually would be receptive doing up at. But i have no idea but it's one of those things where waiting before i would even ride it through that as at people ask about that i would really want able find away at it from different angles and then there's also this someone was asking me about. Reese i gotta get to paint guy. I sort of feel like. I'm i'm really gonna wind down the long way down the road but i sort of feel like that will be one of the final step like we're in the final season of small eastern coming in way. But i would love to talk a few that you'd be like hey ten. Let's just talk booster gold. I'm certain whenever. Yeah and i mean you know and that's the thing is like you like you wanna talk about death of super. I'm really like i'm sure everyone always to you about it. And he said you wanna come out at the best question dan. How does it feel to only be asked about death superman and go but i had wanted to show you for those who can't see us. Who are listening. I found this in a comic bookstore host. The back voted out band. Superman is back. And i'm like i have nowhere to put my problem like it's so massive. I'm like posters like small like stuff. I've got from like movie theaters Other tiny posters on my ceiling numbers. I don't have anywhere for this massive poster but that was just such a cool find. It was back there all these posts Fine on mike right. Thank you no. That's a great score i got. It's got Mike carlin signature on it. You know mass produced microns you but it was still cool because took a picture on i. Facebook messenger carlin's like is this your signature. Because i wasn't sure he's yet. That's awesome a honestly you know and i appreciate the shoutout at run. Doing won't rehash all say that it has been beyond spilling do go back but the stories dot com in armed contact proceeding. This is something. I always look back death in rolling on. Is they always that love there. But now there's that us i appreciate them as stories in of the way that i didn't or it has been absolute if get that new insight into or a story that so long. It's been great. What's interesting is. I remember when death happened and it being on the news and everything and i told search where i was young comics. Were harder to find because we are military family. The only Tonsils finding was on spinner racket one of the uniform shops. My dad went to. But you know we don't always get to go with him. It wasn't like a continual time. So i'd find what i could wear. It could and you know reading death and everything later. I realized that all of that funeral is my favorite. Because it's the legacy book that talks about. What superman really meant to people and we won't go into it because your episode covers at beautifully and for those who are listening. You know the one of my questions always like will. What got you in the superman. And i'm not gonna ask him because he said it and if you want the full story go listen to his last episode. 'cause he beautifully articulates the of that moment of you know seeing the death of superman comic and what that meant him and it's a great story. I love hearing where people come from. Because a lot of times you hear on over on the other the other guy that got ears you know here like the adam west show or like batman. The animated series. Sometimes you hear. Batman eighty nine. But i feel like if you're old enough for batman eighty nine. You already knew adam west. If you're a little younger you have the animated series around the corner. Sanso po supernet finally. It's been interesting because you have to think. All the chris films that that's everyone's for me it was kind of like there's always a sense of already in. I remember having. I have it up here. The vhs of the fleischer cartoons. And that's the ones. I i remember. Oh thank you my beautiful wife. Just delivered me some hot tea here code. Ohio day air nice. I had some delicious medo soup earlier. So as chris bay year connecticut as well. Yeah it was one of those days. Like i woke up. Oh yes finally. Fallen with funny. My wife was actually. I mentioned my favorite. Falsehood is grilled groceries twain. A soup you know. that's why it's funny. Because i was gonna i was gonna make you like not that when i get home from work. I'll make some homemade chicken noodle soup. And then.

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