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In London for the statement the prime minister yeah an historic day in parliament British lawmakers are holding their first Saturday sessions since nineteen eighty two Falklands War the subject is brexit prime minister Boris Johnson says the new deal can heal a rift in British politics and unite warring factions further delay is pointless expensive I am deeply corrosive of public trust thousands of protesters are gathered in central London calling for Britain to remain part of the European Union this is the B. B. C.'s Nick Yeardley more than three years after the U. K. voted to leave the year today may be the day that parliament finally back to deal some MPs hate what the prime minister has negotiated arguing it creaks too much friction and will damage the economy but most of Boris Johnsons party I think it's a good deal the gives the U. K. back control CBS news update I'm but Michigan and I've yourselves camel excuse time six thirty two voting starts today for striking General Motors workers on a tentative contract to and the more than month long strike Charlie Lankton reports from Detroit register it has forty six years with General Motors he's been through strikes before he got likes what he sees with those ratification deal but he's looking forward to the next four years because he realizes that the auto industry the technology there will be changing I've been working in three D. printing for the last five six years so I see a big change in this far as that goes spread says he's very happy that part of the deal appears to be General Motors commitment to nine billion dollars in new manufacturing and keeping some plants open Charlie lighten for CBS news Detroit now you a W. members at the one still assembly plant reportedly will vote in the middle of next week the final day for Friday voting is next Friday more disturbing news about what Boeing knew about the seven thirty seven MAX before two fatal crashes details from CBS news correspondent Steve Futterman the documents in question go back to twenty sixteen before the seven thirty seven Max was even certified in one message a Boeing technical pilot talks about concerns he has about the plane's flight control system this is the same system that's come under scrutiny in the investigation of two deadly crashes the public says the system is difficult to control on Wall Street Boeing stock dropped more than six percent a former St Louis rams football player gives police a bizarre reason why he randomly shot a woman reported for work in a boulder Colorado business Justin Bannan said he pulled the trigger because the Russian mafia are after him the forty year old ban and also told police he suffers from a condition causing fluid build up on his brain police say when they arrested ban and he had to loaded handguns inside a backpack in a rolled up twenty dollar bill with cocaine residue on it he faces charges of attempted murder and first degree assault ban and played in St Louis during the twenty eleven football season bread choked St Louis's newsradio KMOX bonfires a great way to celebrate fall and the state fire marshal's office has a few tips to keep safe if you're going to have one campfires bonfires need to be kept at least twenty five feet away from any structure and don't burn on dry or windy days fire marshal spokesperson J. C. folds says the fire should never be left unattended and you should be careful cooking over an open fire Moore's are popular this time of the year the marshmallow do not she get on the stick those can turn into flaming balls a it can cause burns and because the major issues full size of your clothes catch on fire fall the old adage stop drop and roll the dome in America center is once again hosting a bands of America super regional competition.

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