April, Kazuo Ishiguro, First Phone App discussed on The Adam Buxton Podcast


Sponsored by chipper matic. I would like to remind you more cynical listless. It's just the first phone app. That i tried when i was looking for Things to identify birdsong and so far. It's worked quite well. Although i haven't really tried it on anything particularly challenging anyway. Look are take notes. Remind to check out the tape notes. Podcast it was such fun appearing on there and getting suggest crap on at great length about my musical efforts and they did a really nice job of editing. It altogether and sounds great so check out my appearance on the tape notes. Podcast as i said at the end of the lost episode with kazuo ishiguro. I plan to do this auction at some point. I think it was going to be in a few weeks in april. But i think i'm gonna give myself a bit more time and do it more like the beginning of may i thought about doing it a few weeks back when i was still in the process of sorting through a lot of my stuff that i've accumulated over the years and throwing things out and sorting through my parents stuff. And you know i. It's this whole last. Year has been a long sorting process. Which i mentioned a few times on.

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