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You go to scott scholars happening well matt how many vaccines have you had in order to your world traveler you must have had every back a the travel well i got the hip once i got back here to san diego were i detect vaccine right away but nice mossy when i go to india against shot an unarmed down the other uh my question from iowa upgraded defer to seven i really like it on my old uh pentium computer and i've got the franco reengage and it shows me my cpu usage by ram youtube by a swap our usage heaven and then it shows me my ip address and uh my traffic uh you know what well download traffic but um recently at a problem which i never had on my old x p was running a movie uh and running at full screen uh reveal she seemed to have a problem it was a um it was an mtv file out i get highly compressed and i'm wondering um you know like i if i had like a system adding a couple of them uh is there a diet background diagnostic that you would recommend to uh be creating a log in the background so after i have a crash i can go into that log and find out what happened you mean for four veal player there laura for though list for the whole yeah like cylinders when on and why it crash here windows hasn't event viewer and you can set up custom tom logs in their filters to see exactly sort of what's going on there is a system if you're going to give your you can look under system or applications sometimes you have to create your own but for via c what may be going on is there are addons plugins for via see that will allow it to use your video card acceleration instead of sikh you acceleration and that might help your because in k v files are notoriously tough for the cpu and if this is a an older computer he said that yes i can win two seven air it might not have a horse power to pay to play back some of the more newer more compress files you might need to use your gpu if you have a discreet video card your graphics processing unit clouds ordehe a regular jail old that's his own it is it's going to get on that machine right that's that's wait isn't really a matter of de bugging its just.

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