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When designing new versions of airplanes manufacturers like Boeing wanna keep many elements is similar to the previous model is possible. Commonality purposes of training and just ease of operations for the airlines Richard Appalachian aviation industry. Analyst with the teal group says that helps airlines keep costs down. So Boeing plays up the similarities in sales pitches for the newest version of the seven thirty seven the max. But there is one critical difference in the max that pilots and American South west. And other airlines say they were never told about a new automated flight control system. We had no idea. None whatsoever. Captain Dennis pager flies seven thirty sevens. For American Airlines at his spokesman for the Allied Pilots Association. He says pilots were not informed until shortly after seven thirty seven max operated by lion air nose-dived into the Java sea, October twenty ninth killing all one hundred eighty nine people on board Indonesian crash. Investigators say it appears that a sensor on the plane falsely reported that the nose was too high and the plane was stalling even though. Not the flight control system automatically pointed the plane down a corrective action that was not needed. Investigators cannot say yet if that's what caused the crash, but Boeing immediately issued a safety bulletin about. How to regain control of such a dangerous event occurs. 737 pilot. Dennis your calls that situation both professionally and ethically. Insulting shakes the trust. You have in the manufacturer. Why would we told about this? I understand where the pilots are coming from again aviation industry. Analyst Richard Appalachia looks like a an error of never mission. Boeing does not acknowledge any such omission of critical safety information from it's seven thirty seven max training manuals. In a statement. A spokesman says the two urgent updates and out since the lion. Aircrash reemphasize existing procedures. David Schaper, NPR news, Chicago, take a look at a map of Asia. And you will see that Pakistan shares a border with western China. The two. The countries have cultivated friendly relations, and in some cases, friendly personal relations, many Pakistani men have traveled to China for business. They've met women in the weaker region married and settled down and these husbands say their wives are being detained inside Xinjiang province as part of the wider crackdown on weaker which is tearing their families apart. NPR's Diaa Hadid reports from his lot about near stands outside the ministry of foreign affairs in Islamabad. His one of half a dozen men.

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