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The. In signing with the New England patriots, things are about to change on offense. I'm Sierra that will here with Evan Lazar totally different skill sets from Tom Brady from Jerry said of what we were expecting out of the Patriots offense in his twenty twenty season, but which positional which area of this offense benefits the most from this citing while Sarah All off-season I've been scratching my head in racking my brain to figure out you. How does this patriots offense get better right? How do they work this year? In the one thing that kept on coming back to is that the way that they've built this team with the multiple tight ends, the brandon stable running back. Back, so they have when the Keel Harry being a big bodied rack type of receiver, I'm thinking I need a mobile quarterback. They need somebody that can move the pocket. They need somebody that can extend plays with his legs. They need somebody that can make the defense respect his running ability. They need to spy or contain them on the edge or do something like that and I was like listen. Dirksen could be that guy. We saw it in the preseason. He's a decent scrambler. He can run around a little bit, but now they got Cam Newton. And that's a whole different animal in this regard, and that's the most exciting part about this now is. Is that the rest of the legal are a lot of the rest of the League is playing eleven on eleven offensively right. They got the quarterback as a running thread. Defenses have to respect that they have to put an extra guy in the box or account for him in the box or the defender, and now the Patriots get to get in on that fun, and they get to get in on that Lamar. Jackson, style of offense, or whatever offense you WanNa Take the past you know Colin. Kaepernick Softens Cam, Newton's offense and Carolina. Now they get to do some of those things. That's really exciting and you know you look at the tape and you see. See Okay. You know even though you only carried the ball. Thirty six times on read option plays averaged over five yards per carry in two thousand, eighteen on those thirty six carries, but also their running game average five and a half yards per carry on running back carries off of read option, so we're talking about an offense that is far more efficient on the ground, and when you look at the the Patriots are building here. It's a run first offense with the play action passing attack with the defense second hold teams in the teens, and that's how they're going to win football games, and now they can really lean into that style with at quarterback. In the most recent concern surrounding cam was that..

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