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Sometimes my Kyun as and by the way that Jerry Lawler are going to be in the Cleveland Saturday afternoon for show hilarity, and he will say d did you think you'd live long enough to see a trilogy of matches as good as or even compared to Okada an omega. And I I there you're they're young young. You know that they're big fan loyalists as cool. I said, well, you know, you may not have been born. But I had three of those nine nineteen eighty nine. I thought pretty good. Oh, Oh, yeah. yeah. I saw you ranked one of those matches six stars. Sixty nine minutes. I do think that's the best match. I've ever seen. But you know, that's my ping. But yeah that match, you know, again, watching it near I watch it with a group of friends, and we were pretty much on you call match matched phenomenal. But yeah, I yeah. I mean, I thought you know, those guys I mean there are there are two guys at the top of their game mesh perfectly and also because of that first match they had at the Tokyo dome being so good. The reality is is that they feel very pressured in matches two three and four because it's the first time where if you go in there, and you have a really good match people are gonna go the first one. So they had to. Each match try to top the previous match and physically it was. It's pretty much impossible to top it by doing death defying moves. And I mean, they did they did one or two things in every match where I was kinda scared. But it wasn't like a whole match those things, you know, it was more of a mental match the physical match, although physically those guys are great. But you know, you could see story and what what I liked in match four which was the last one. They had was there's little bits of the story. If you watched it's almost like watching a movie sequel, but if you watched the first three movies, you know, you're going to get stuff to maybe somebody who is just watching the first the one match isn't going to get an it really was each each match was progression of the story from the previous match. And so I do think it's one of the I mean, I think it's one of the legendary rival it up there with those legendary rivalries at each year has flourished boat had it, you know, you remember, Jack Brisco and Dory funk junior. When we were it was like nothing could top that. Like the two the two masters of doing the sixty minute match. And you know, and again saying that these guys are great is is not a knock on guys from previous generations that were the top guys in those generations. But you know, there's a lot of you know, I mean, they're very, you know, these guys work very, very hard to and think a lot on like, you know, how do I how do we improve? They show what day show planned they show for the plan and their unselfish, and they're both excellent athletically accomplish dudes talking about Okada and mega and they understand crowd psychology. Very very well of those guys wrestle kingdom coming up in January. I hear the advance is good..

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