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Good morning, cold companies are supposed to clean up areas they damaged by their mining, but a new investigation finds instead, many use bankruptcy and asset transfers to evade their responsibility and they clean up doesn't happen. The law is very clear. Coal companies have to reclaim the land, meaning they have to return it to its original shape, its contours, and they have to plant vegetation like trees and grasses. I'm Michael hill, as morning edition from NPR and double WNYC. China's party Congress kicked off with a speech from Xi Jinping, it didn't contain a lot of surprises. Immigrants from the Mexican state of Oaxaca march against anti indigenous racism and will look back at the legacy of hurricane sandy, which passed through our region ten years ago. It's Monday, October 17th, the news is next. Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm Windsor Johnston. Russia's defense ministry says it launched a massive strike on Ukrainian military and energy infrastructure today. Ukrainian officials say at least three people have been killed in a drone strike in the capital Kyiv NPR's Nathan rott reports, air raid sirens are sounding across many regions of the country. Keith mayor vitali Klitschko said 28 drones were spotted over the city in the morning, 5 of them struck in the city center, damaging a residential building, energy infrastructure, and a municipal heating structure that was targeted just a week ago. To Marta beru ashfield, lives in front of the building that was struck. Now she says, again, air strikes have become common. Russia has launched more than a hundred missiles at Ukraine over the last week. As Ukrainian troops continue to take back territory in the country's east and south. Nathan rap NPR news Keith. A number of states are holding debates in the run up to the midterm elections next month, NPR's Danielle Kurt slavin reports the candidates are discussing a number of hot topic issues, including abortion. In general, you're seeing a lot of similar arguments from each side of the aisle. For example, on the democratic side, candidates are talking a lot about abortion, casting their GOP opponents as just way too extreme on the topic. One other interesting thing is that Democrats in many cases seem to feel very comfortable distancing themselves from President Biden and even criticizing him. That's NPR's Danielle Kurt slavin reporting. Tonight in Ohio, democratic congressman Tim Ryan will face off against venture capitalist JD Vance in their second and final Senate debate. The U.S. Department of Education quietly rolled out the application process for its student loan relief plan over the weekend, NPR's Corey Turner reports, the rollout was a beta test. Borrowers can fill out the application now, but it won't be processed until the official launch. According to the education department, that will be by Halloween the latest. The application itself is just a few simple questions, and the beta test was meant to work out any bugs in the system before some 40 million borrowers apply. Also, by doing it without any real announcement over the weekend, the department was able to avoid one big crash of borrowers onto its website. The application drops as Republican legal challenges to the Biden administration's debt relief plan have intensified, multiple lawsuits are all asking judges to stop the cancellation of loans before it starts. Corey Turner, NPR news. Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets in Paris on Sunday to protest rising inflation. The march for wage increases and other demands was organized by left wing opponents of the French government. This is NPR news. On WNYC 8 O four Goodman day morning at Michael hill, 59 in cloudy today, cloudy, showers later on, 65 for a high. Alternate side parking suspended today but paid the parking meters. In the news this morning, an 18 year old from far rockaway at man has been charged in the shooting death of a 15 year old boy on Friday, police say the deadly shooting took place after an argument on a queen's bound a train, New York City transit authority president Richard Davy emphasizes that this was not a random act of violence. While accounts, this was

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