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You can tell that the key FOB is inside just by looking at the car because the car will configure itself in a certain manner. Sofia whole WCBS news radio 8 80 WCBS news time to 22. This is lying. Ted Radio. I'm Jeffrey Lyons. Looking at movies around the corner. Half brothers comes next month about a Mexican man who learns he has a half brother who's Americans, so they meet and go on a road trip to track their father's faithful trip from Mexico to north of the border. Under the two women who murdered Kim Jong un's half brother at an airport. Remember them assassins traces them and tries to divine if they were pawns, or who ordered the killing. The guess who the stand and stars Drew Barrymore as a struggling comedic actors who stands in for someone else and who apparently doesn't suffer fools lightly. Jimmy Fallon plays himself in a cameo. Very excellent. Mr Dundee stars Paul Hogan member him as Crocodile Dundee. Well, he replace a man about to be knighted, but first has to clean up his reputation and ask corners Robertson, Nero, Tommy Lee Jones and Morgan Freeman team and the Comeback trail about movie producers in debt to the mob. Movies around the corner and the Lions, then that's lying. Then radio I'm Jeffrey Lyons. WCBS news radio 8 80 years lifestyles on limited founder and CEO self made multimillionaire and national radio host del Wamsley on getting the information you need to get through this, So you ask yourself. Isn't this the wrong time to get out of the stock market Very well could be, But maybe it might go down and then you ask yourself, man. If I would've had some of that money, I could have used it. People gonna be afraid and the people are in real state that they're losing money. You're going to be afraid they're gonna want to get out. When they do. We're gonna be able to go in and buy it very advantageous prices. That are going to change our family shoot you. Quite honestly. So you need information on how to do that..

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