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Morning conversation with Chris lane and Lauren bush now thank you to both here hi Sonny this for me how exciting is this for a I guess the last time I saw you too was add that we're we're works the war Sam's face when simply worn out I believe it was fantasia it was the first on a mat Lauren and crescent actually told me how the proposal gonna go down and I'm such a good secret keeper that I knew I did yeah home and you were born you were so how does tell me that I was like this you get a wider he was like I was I was standing right there you sure you still the being sick that while and he said he thought he said the whole thing is a big one hometown I got this song it says going to when when the song says I'm gonna be there and I was like she's standing right here due to risking your whole plan on I know the thing is is you probably knew it was coming at some point she just didn't know how it was going to go down and Paisley even told me he's like man I don't know if that's the best idea what she doesn't love the song I was like well in my mind that's just gonna be the chance that I have to pick a place some of the songs sounds good yeah thank you this is big big plans from Chris lane you have this song in a play in a second but a lot when you hear that right now what's that make you think about I mean I love the song separate from everything as I love like this like I do this every time.

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