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At seemed fleeting like it was very short and needed to be guarded. And saying I know isn't a to me. I don't know if it impacts anybody else that way. That's how our impacted me and my thoughts in. So I thought, wow, you know thought about it and my husband's son oldest son is a tattoo artist and so one day I just thought you know what I need. I can see it every day. So it's on my right forearm think about it in what's coal to is people ask me about what is fourteen forty. So now I get to tell the story and it helps me remember too. So that's another. Thing, yeah. It keeps my living on to. It does it does. One thing that you do to. Check in with yourself for to create. Intentional days. So you're you're staying on track or not wasting airport. Yeah. So sometimes I feel like it's different things. So for a little while it was meditation, you know kind of just to. Cause and you know this whole Kobe thing changed a lot of things for a lot of people. So just understanding what is it that I need to do to kind of reset or re look at how things are going whether it's this kind of thing or even just in your business one of the things I. realized because I lost for a little while the ability couldn't run because I had a nagging injury and I realize that that really helps me refocus to go out sometimes I think a lot about what's happening get ideas and I really missed that because I wasn't able to do that for a while at that helps me kind of refocus and kind of get centered again. This has been amazing on. We're just about out of time where can people get in touch with you reach out I would say the best way is to email I'll I'll tell you my email address and then also I mean they can text me. Those are the easiest things right now. So it's betsy at Shea Betsy Dot Com, and that is felt C., H., E. Z. bt S., Y. DOT COM. and. My phone number is four, four, three, five, four, eight, one, eight to awesome. Get those up on the show links to so the show nursery. Awesome thank you so much for coming on and sharing your story. I can hardly wait to see your continued success because you're just taking these gigantic leaps forward and a really cool. Watch us. Thank you so much for having me. It's been fun to chat and talk about these things than an and it's always good to look back and see how how you've grown in the changes you made that very encouraging to. Thank you so much for being a listener the tribe of leaders podcast I. Am so grateful for each and every episode that you tune in and listen to, and I hope that you get a ton of value that you can implement starting today and do have to a quick favor if you wouldn't mind hopping onto where is that you listen to podcasts and leave us a rating and review it would help us tremendously so that the tribe of leaders podcast to can be found more easily and help inspire other entrepreneurial leaders..

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