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Their accounts the mariners pitchers and catchers have their first spring work out today among them will be former draft pick Taiwan Walker he signed a one year free agent contract to be on the mariner's pitching staff once again the sale dragons make their home debut Saturday when those vipers at CenturyLink field at Wednesday's practice the work on fixing the details I can make a difference between winning and losing head coach Jim insurances they had some miscues in their season opening loss and the need to get those fixed I do believe in the second week we're going to be better on the field super excited about being at home in front of some friendly fans and he regardless of everything that's going to be happening this weekend we got a really execute a well kick office two PM dusky men's basketball team looks to put a six game losing skid to an end tonight in Los Angeles against U. S. C. the the Trojans in Seattle last month seventy two to forty now coach Mike Hopkins wants to see his team play defense I think it was a combination of both they had some good looks that they lost but you go back and say what was contested what was taken away and were you manipulating who shooting and I think that's also good defense our coverage begins at five thirty the dubs top rank softball team beats central Florida twelve three in a tournament in Florida yesterday today face number nine Alabama sports a ten and forty minutes past the hour American it's in your home of the Huskies komo news former captain of the Ohio state wrestling team tells state lawmakers at a public hearing he was pressured by congressman Jim Jordan in twenty eighteen to deny allegations of sex abuse against wrestlers by a team doctor ABC's Ryan borough reports former member of the Ohio state you first the wrestling program Adamjee Sabado told members of the Ohio house civil justice committee he had a phone conversation with congressman Jim Jordanian twenty eighteen in which Jordan cried grovel and beg him to go against his brother who alleged sexual abuse by late Dr Richard Stross about three hundred and fifty men have come forward claiming abused by strong too committed suicide in two thousand five congressman Jordan worked as an assistant wrestling coach for eight years for the program many wrestlers say he knew about the abuse but did not come forward fiber ABC news a rap star apologizes to a TV host after the death of Kobe Bryant Oscar wells Gabriel explains dogs apologize to CBS this morning co host Gayle king and says he was wrong for the way he went after her after king did an interview with W. NBA star Lisa Leslie in the interview king asked Leslie if the two thousand three rape allegation against Bryant might harm his legacy Snoop advised her to back off before we quote come get to Snoop says he was brought to his senses by a cat with his mother has now gone on Instagram to apologize for over reacting and for quote just being disrespectful almost quills Gabriel come on whose time eleven thirteen numbers going up as China Dobson new way of calculating corona outbreak grows figures these are your world headlines from ABC news Dr Derek gatherer from Lancaster university believes the real figures are even higher because we know the number or exported cases from China and we also know the number of people that have traveled out of China under the new Chinese measures the current death toll over thirteen hundred confirmed cases nearly sixty thousand meanwhile Tokyo Olympic organizers have reiterated their message the start of two days of IOC meetings the twenty twenty games will not be waylaid by the virus and Britain's financial watchdog is investigating whether Barclays bank chief executive Jez Staley disclosed full details of his relationship with the like convicted sex offender Jeff we have stayed the two were appointed Wednesday Lee ran the private bank division of JP Morgan I'm John rivers at the ABC news for and ask a long day eleven fourteen traffic.

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