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You probably watch them on a terrible terrible Mississippi team this year, but he was part of that team. And he is ripped to shreds runs. Really fast can do everything except three cone drill. He can't on important canting. He can't do the three cone drill. And there was another one that involved a lot of change of direction. Yeah. That he struggled at. So if you Reiter, yes, he's basically Matt Millen and Al Davis corpse are going to have like a celebrity death match. Yes. He who can come back and draft them. Yeah. I actually think that the raiders have just they have a ouija board setup that they just ask our what to do at all times and be decanted. This was trade your entire trade every pick that you got for Amari Cooper, and for Khalil Mack and move. Up and get decay. I want to believe that teams. Don't take too much away from the combine basically what I assume the combine for the smart teams, they watch it. If a guy is unbelievable they say, hey, maybe we should go back and look at some of his films. See if we miss something. But we know it's the NFL. So that means there are tons done dumb teams that basically say, oh, my God, this guy just ran what as body fat is what put him bless draft from third one point six percent body fat his actually huge red flag for me. Yeah. What burger man. Yeah. What could you possibly be your psycho? If you have one point six percent body fat. Yeah. I don't even know how that works. I mean, the I do know this, you know, cold weather teams should draft them. Yeah. Freezing cold in the winter. He can't hibernate. Nope. He has to wear long sleeves. Yeah. He's going to go up north, not not not a cold weather. He's off my big boy. But yeah, he what he run like a four three three four three. I think four three flat or you might been four three. It was it was he's a huge, dude. He's massive nervous. Yeah. He's like David Boston. On better steroids. Yeah. So he he stole the show. We also had the classic every year. We love it because there will be rumor come out of one of the meetings or a couple of the meetings. And so the best questions that were asked year, cornerback Lonnie Johnson of Kentucky. So the Seahawks put them in a staring contest lasting fifteen to sixteen seconds during his formal interview. With them said he won couldn't recall the name who he went against see. That's a red flag to for me. Yeah. It's like that's the that's the easiest game of memory ever. You should be able to remember the face of the guy that you stared at for ritual seconds. I'll say the opposite. He just knows that he won. That's all matters the end of the day. It's just wins and losses. Who cares? Who's on like who cares member? Sean McVay when he named everyone on who he named everyone on the patriots defense or something or and every like, oh my God. Sean McVay knows everyone's name. There's a bears. Yeah. Was the bears. Right. Right. Every goal. He knows. She does was names guess what? Knowing names overrated. Yeah. Beating people staring contest. We can rule out that it was Jim Caldwell because you're not you're not walking out of room, Jim Caldwell there. Yeah. He is the all time alpha when against and then the other one was. Happened with the Texas cornerback I guess it's cornerback season. Kris Boyd was asked. Do do. You have both of your testicles. The answer is a great question. It is a great question because it's like we ever know you never know because the NFL is still stuck in the past. And he's like Victorian sense of modesty where you have to wear underwear when you realize. Yeah. And so there's no way to know if a guy's got all three pieces down there unless you ask them. I actually I'm I've gone on from the ridiculous questions in my favorite part of the combine is people getting mad about the ridiculous questions because that is even more ridiculous. Like the questions we've been to the combine we kinda know how it works. These guys have like maybe five ten minutes to sit down with someone. You're going to want to ask him something absurd. Yeah. Right. It's actually more difficult..

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