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Way to fight through that. And then off the ball too, he gets in a stance on the ball. He's ready to make a play. It reverses, stands right up. He's looking around, he's active, but then when the action comes back, he's getting down back in his stance, he's going to crack by another screen. It's like, if he just stayed in that a little bit longer, he'd set him up better positionally to not be hampered or hit with an off screen and then trying to fight around it. It's a double into a ball screen and that's where it hangs up. He's going to work at it. That's a part of his game that he needs to really fix. But we're talking about are these guys good enough? We've just spent 20 minutes talking about how good they are and that's why I think they're both really good options in the top 5. I don't have a problem with these guys like a lot of other people do. I think they're both really good options in the top ten. This is what I would say. You don't want it, but I say this, it seems like we've done the three years now. If they're not the top 5, who is not, they almost like, they almost have to be. And I'd be okay with either. And currently a slight edge and not to go hips are slide edge to Johnny Davis from me. It's very fluid. I'm not saying to write it in a sharpie and put it on the big board yet, but there's still a lot of basketball you played. I think there's more of a chance that Johnny makes it based on everything that he does rather than saying, well, J 90 has to figure out the off ball defense. You really have to figure out pick and roll progression. Johnny Davis, it's like, does he create enough separation to get off a shot that already looks good? That's already good off the bounce..

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