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Will Adams design, unlike other member clubs, which often focus on wealth and status, we aim to assemble communities of members that have let's see hang on that have something in common, namely, a mad love of dogs for the mirror cost of fifteen hundred dollars a month. You can send your dog to doggy daycare. And I'm like for real right now. I'm mad that I have to buy the expensive dog food. Jinx will be fine without fifteen hundred dollars. And you know, all those dogs are like is that a caller from WalMart. Is that why are your nails painted? You know that dogs lick themselves. Correct. So yeah, we don't need all the fans. Yeah. That's what Nancy food. I can agree with it. Just because it was coming out the other end in disastrous fashion. Right. So we didn't really have an option there. So if you're thinking about getting a sacred are beware. They apparently are prone to food allergies. No clue and eating a lot. They do eat a lot. Although now that we're on the fancy food. She's not eating as much because the fancy food is just made of sweet potato and salmon, Lori Lynn there you go seriously. She eats better than I do most days, I had a tuna sandwich for lunch. My dog had sweet potato and salmon with probiotics on top. And you kind of go maybe I should have some of their food's. It does not as good. I know have you ever smelt kangaroo? Now, I'll pass. Eaten kangaroo? But I I will pass on the smelling of the dog because it's not good. That's Laurie land. Brandon krisztal just joined us as well. Because now it's time for the most exciting segment on the radio. Kind of that day. Trumpeted? What is the word of the word of the day is a noun. Hawk shaw. H A W K S H A W. How you transport your hawk. Is it a now? Now. Yes. Sean is someone who's selling something in a loud and obnoxious fashion. Someone who's selling rickshaws? These.

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