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One and a half inches however the bones were found to either be not human are too small for dna tests on october twenty ninth search teams recovered to large human bones that they suspected belong to fossett. These bones were found a half a mile. East of the crash site Tennis shoes with animal bite marks on them are also discovered So i november third california. Police coroners said that dna profiling of the two bones by the california department of justice. Friends ext laboratory confirmed a match to faucets. Dna all right so he. They found his bones a half mile east of where the crash site was. Yeah and the madera county sheriff. John anderson kind of said what we say a lot of times that He believes fossett died on impact and that it wasn't unusual for animals to drag them remains away so got a lot of you know you've got bears in the sierra nevada's and We we mentioned this. That a lot of things can happen to disrupt a you know the remains you especially a year or two later you have animals moving stuff around you could have rain and snow melt moving things so that could explain why the remains were away from the crash site on march fifth of two thousand nine the ntsb issued its report and findings the report states that the plane crashed in elevation of about ten thousand feet. A three hundred feet below the crest of the ridge. The elevations of the peaks in the area exceeded thirteen thousand feet. However the density altitude in the area at the time and place of the crash was estimated to be twelve thousand seven hundred feet. The ntsb declared the probable cause of the crash s. The pilot's inadvertent encounter with downdraft that exceeded the climb capability of the aircraft. Contributing to the accident were down drafts a high density altitude and mountainous terrain so my biggest takeaway with this is obviously flying in the mountain in. Mountains is more difficult than your typical. Like fine in wisconsin or somewhere where it's flat flat. Yeah flat land. But steve fossett was a very experienced aviator he. He should be aware of those risks and things pretty. Yeah he. he's pretty. Well read in what to do where i mean. The man went around the planet and hot air balloon. He he flew around the planet in a single engine fixed wing aircraft he. He sailed around the planet. He's.

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