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Man who convince voters to approve the project clinton cop what is he make of it well he actually he didn't do so much of the water he did the highspeed rail oh i cop is the other projects all right let's go to there's another big thing project that the governor's interested in not the water tunnel from mars but in fact a highspeed rail from venus clinton cop is the man who sold that project that's right so back in two thousand eight he helped convince voters to hand over nine going in bonds for highspeed rail here in california of with the promise of going from la to san francisco in just a little over two and a half hours well as time has gone on of course the price the costs have gone skyrocketing into the atmosphere and the train is become slower and bog down by politics and environmental regulations and you name it and now quentin cop the guy got start as saying wait a minute we've got to put an end to this this has become a nightmare it's going to cost more than we can never afford so he's helping to lead action the people are fighting strongest against i i like the idea that california's go to build the slowest bullet train on the planet i think that's worth one of the idea that you could get on a bullet trade for los angeles to san francisco the slower than an aircraft is an achievement i remember sacramental lawmaker tony one time that it would never work because nobody is going to let it go through their town unless it stops right right or drop off tax money and they're still building the first the first aspera right towards the president that still under construction out in the middle of nowhere going nowhere headed to the state prison all right we get we leave governor brown behind in his diplomatic words and we had to a real crisis the jeff's alerted me to.

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