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Call 1877 Melwood or go to melwood dot or g'kar. 1 38 traffic and weather on mediates Rita Kessler in the traffic center. Well, watch for delay on the Beltway in Virginia. This is the inner loop of the Beltway just after 66 headed into Tyson's the crash along the left side Now the outer loop delays a combination of rubber necking, but it continues on the westbound 66. It is on that ramp to West found 66. A single right lane gets by the long term work south bound 28. Is that a crawl trying to make your way toward a 66. This should be Single lane getting by the work if you're on 95, now, the North bound delays from 16 Garrison Hill Road headed into Quantico. The work in the left lane. But now within the delay after 6 10 colors report the crash in the left lane at last check. There had been no response with it. So watch for response showing up to the scene in Maryland on the Baltimore Washington Parkway. The delay Southdown disease nicely getting past 1 97. Everything was moved off to the right shoulder on the Harry Nice Mac Middleton Bridge traffic alternates across the bridge with the work. 3 55 year. 109 traffic is also alternating through the intersection with the work and south bound to 70 after 109 a single right lane gets by the work zone in the district north, about 92 95 near Malcolm X Avenue. Usually a single lane gets by the cones. Please play responsibly if you or someone you know has a gambling problem. Please call or text the national problem. Gambling Help line 24 7 at 1 805 to 24 700 Brought to you by the D C lottery. I'm Rita Kessler. W T o p traffic. Always got a nice day here, but it's chilly. We check in with storm Team Forest Lauren Rickets thirties today in plenty of sunshine. It's a beautiful day tomorrow morning, starting off in the thirties with some rain for D,.

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