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You don't need to score a touchdown necessarily here, but you gotta pick up five yards, so Jimmy could run If they pressure him, Pettus type left. Kettle is tight. Right? Three. Go right, the rapido back throws and its broke it up. He was going to trend Taylor it was broken up. By Byron Murphy Jr. Arizona will take over on downs. The game is not over 40 Niners to have three timeouts left, but it's very close to being over. They're great. Papa. Tim Ryan on the call. Surprisingly 20 for 20. The 40 Niners lose to the Arizona Cardinals here at Levi Stadium, John one Super Bowl champion, Dennis Brown of the Great Larry Kroger joining us. Thanks. Great question that you asked on Twitter, and we're getting a lot of great responses. So, Jerry Larry jumping here and they give us some more of the people why they thought they lost today. One thing and again. This is a great Chris Babcock, who since he normally up with Pablo and Tim, and feeds, Papa all these great stats, and it makes Papa sound very good. But it's kind of like that movie. What was known Roxanne with Steve Martin and Steve Martin's, whereas the big nose so he's in the back, and he's feed the lines. That's exactly what Babcock doesn't make them. Pop is the one who, you know, just regurgitates about Papa stop the Cyrano Cyrano de Bergerac and Babcock has hanging slash And so he sent me some step. Also the first quarter the Niners. Time of possession wise 10 27 to 4 33 for Arizona. So dominating Arizona one the time of possession. 31 26 2 2034. So it's about 27 18 and last Three quarters of the game in the second half. Thank you, Chris Babcock 42 to 29 in place in favor of Arizona. Well, why does that matter Because like you guys said, air quality wasn't so great Today. First game of the year you're gassed and Kyla Murray's running all over the place and this is an excuse isn't excuse. It's an explanation Givers on a credit they won the football game, but they were gassed. At the end. The defensive line wasn't dominating because they're chasing sky around, and they just They got tired. Look, Dennis brought this up during a break. It's a great point. After the 94 yard drives, you're on the field defensively for a 94 yard drive. The offense went three now. Yeah, I think I was it. No, e. I hope you enjoyed that 62nd ball. You just got after that 94 year. Dr. You're coming back on the field. That's a factor in this game. Yeah, And it's a factor when you when you haven't been able to get off the field. I mean it be great if your offense goes through and out and then defense goes through here now, But if you go, you're often goes three and out. You go back in for a eight minute drive, 10 minute drive. I mean, and then you go back off the field. You have to come right back on after another three and out, or maybe a foreign out, So I mean, it's It's tough. It's tough. I mean, you got the air quality going. It's your first game on like I said, I mean, you guys know crowd to give you an energy is no. There's nothing and just going like practice your just going right back out there now. It was a guy the beauty of this game thinking you don't need a crowd. You're gonna motivate yourself, but I really saw that. Pride would've helped out a lot, especially when the defense is on the film. You need that boost. I think it was missed today truly missed today. You know, we're getting a number of different responses. I asked the question. What is the number? One reason the Niners lost in a lot of people pointing at Jimmy Jimmy was a bit slow. Jimmy. Just like the Super Bowl. We had to make one throw. I didn't do it. You know, I expected more from Jimmy. You know, one guy said, you know, two for 11 on third down. I mean, that that that obviously was a key fact and seven for 14, Arizona. I mean, that's the contrast Is that losing out on the field? I mean, you give up 50% to a team that is so they converted seven of 14. You converted Team two of 11 minutes. That's the biggest status game. Somebody says no to force Buckner, one guy says, where were are wide? Receivers. But Eric Ah has has the one that I would vote for. If you said if you said Give me the number one reason the 40 Niners lost this game, I would say they couldn't they lost contained on Kyler. Consistently and this is the last quarterback in the league that you can lose. Contain on you have to rush him with discipline. You have to rush him in Lane's Dennis. You know, you have a doctorate in in exactly what I'm talking about here. The art of rushing the mobile quarterback. This is the most mobile quarterback. And then you mix in the poor air quality. And, as John said that the total 42 to 29 play advantage that Arizona had in the second half and being gassed in no O T A s and no training camp and no no preseason, but to me if you said number one reason they lost contain on Kyler and once who's contained on a mobile quarterback like that, man. Everything starts to fall apart. Yeah, and a couple times it wasn't about to contain. It was just about on the inside. Once you open up that rush lane and he would see it so quickly. He would step back there and he'd read it like a rotting body was one reading Go. Yeah, it was like it was a lot of my reads. Not there. I'm gone. And there was a quarterback here a couple years ago, and that's that's kind of how he made his bones in NFL became a superstar that one read and go and he made the place. I mean, that was it. It was a lot of third in 12 13 15 and you see He'll take that one read in Hell knows he'll see that rush lane, and it wasn't about to contain. It was just running straight up the middle class. You know what? What's gonna happen, and we see this in the MBA bubble when you watch that there is no home field..

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