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The state Senate governor Ralph north received a rare set back on weapons today the state Senate Judiciary Committee rejected a proposed assault weapons ban the bill that drew the most dire from gun rights supporters the committee instead ask please state crime commission to study the issue Mr we passed out a gun bills this year they're obviously a lot of questions about definitions in this bill definitions do matter I would know that you care this bill over till the twenty twenty one session and write a letter to the to the crime commission ask them to take a look at that at the definitions must contain this bill passed county democratic senator Cree deeds the Catholic diocese of Richmond today is announcing the establishment of what it calls the independent reconciliation program the program set up a monetary fund for victims of sexual abuse more W. R. V. A.'s Matt deadline there's a berry nesto says the diocese will never be able to fully compensate victims for the harm that was done but that they believe this is the best course because they do not know how many claims will be filed the diocese says they do not have a set dollar amount in the fund they plan to use self insurance loans and investments to cover the costs just at the end of last week another abuse claim came forward retired man senior Raymond Burton was accused of abuse that allegedly occurred over forty five years ago that damn lying news radio W. R. yeah the waters of the Pearl River around Jackson Mississippi are dangerously high thanks to lots of rain Deborah Tate reeve says the ever is that or near it's Kristin says the blood waters will recede over the coming days we do expect the water to recede relatively quickly over the next two to three day but as it is receding is going to be fast flowing water in just like was the case over the weekend we strongly discourage anyone from getting in or trying to drive through the water and people who evacuated are being told not to return home just yet they say the high water is dangerous and that more.

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