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My guy. Jeff bulls now coaching Ohio University down twenty to nothing Tate. And they came back to win our third comeback of the year is Rick Patino in Greece. So just freak Patino. General a lot of a lot of coming in back in for Rick potato. He has resurrected his career his life, his relationship with John Gonzalez helluva comeback for that guy. He came out of retirement people forget that he retired this year. He made it clear he goes on every in front of every Cameron says, I I'm definitely done coaching basketball. And then the the the poll of a of a country with legal prostitution was too much to overcome. And he said I would like to go to Greece. And it's been my time in Greece and enjoy my Christmas time and all that family time. I always been over in Greece next. We get Duke level the show Bruder film. This is the show show shoppers film. So this is basically us breaking down. How Duke could come back from such a large deficit on the road at Louisville thing. They ended up being twenty three one two points. Yes. As the second half, and they came back to beat Louisville. Pretty good comeback. Also nominated is Virginia's redemption story coming back and winning the title after losing to sixteenth seed people forget that that they did lose sixteen see last year, and they made it happen on the national championship. Pretty good comeback next. We have Iowa's tie against Tennessee. And then eventually come back a great comeback though. They got to the point where they could have won the game. They go to overtime. Tennessee finds a way to win. They they lost the game in some in a literal sense. But in a figurative sense, they also probably lost the game. But that comeback was very good and very impressive. So congratulations, Iowa on that one also nominated Tom Izzo. Mr. March label is back and wants to correct this Tom Izzo. Starring as Mr. Mark. He is now back to being Mr. March and not Mr. April. No, April, never, Mr. April. And then the final nominee in this category for comeback of the year. Jay Wright losing in the first weekend of the instability tournament. Congratulations. Right. Good to have that your back version A J right back. All right. Those are your nominees and the Duffy goes to. Got to be as a right? It's got to be. Dukes comeback at Louisville. Wow. Some people are very upset with the academy right now. Jim cutting him up producer going crazy for the academy. Now, we did do a whole episode devoted to this. I I guess. Kademi the kademi likes being apart. Yeah. This is an academy. Spelled with a k, yeah, this is not good, man. Wow. So there you go. That's a a win for Duke that we we are seeing you brought it up where we what are we going to see from the academy a lot of Duke, favoritism, and it's turning out. They may have put these votes in before the final four, they may be Mr. Marcus themselves. And also I want to put on comeback of the year. TV teddy was our comeback of the year last year and TB teddy is stronger than ever. I mean, I think a lot of people forgot that he ever even left. So just just just wanted to point out what it means to be come back of the year. You can keep things going because TV teddy has doing and and it's basically thriving head van every single level. Yes. He retired last year. When he when Joel berry broke, his heart when he did the the full Turner retired for two days back and the Rick Pitino of reveling. Yes. All right moving on to our third category. We have the hero of the year last year one by sister Jeanne, of course, who could ever forget that display of being a cult hero. Unbelievable. One for the ages. She is not nominated this year. She she is not going to defend her Duffy pure nominees. Brad calipari. Just all things Brad Calipari. He wore turtleneck on the sidelines. He would stream as fortnight games on twitch..

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