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Marshall ratliff soon told Hill and Helms that he had a grand plan to rub the first National Bank of Cisco during the busy Christmas period. When the bank held a large sum of money? RATLIFF was familiar with the buildings Laya and knew it had a rear door that I've been directly into an alleyway which would make very straightforward escape route. He believed that the robbery would be quick. And Daisy is all they had to do was go in through the front door point a gun at an employee until they handed over the money. Then offense with quietly out the back the other men would not quite as enthusiastic about the idea. Considering that ratliff had previously asleep bankcorp robbing a bank and was only a free man. Thanks to a timely financial bribe produced by his mother they also reminded him about the five thousand dollar reward on offer. Anyone who killed a bank robber ratliff remained convinced. He's plan pointing out that all banks wearing short food and that real professional bank robbers rarely got shot. He believed that regular citizens brave enough to mess with armed bandits saying take a small banker and poke a gun at him. He won't argue killed. You showed up to your quit you off to some convincing. Helms agreed to participate in the crime. Kill remained hesitant that when ratliff told him that job would earn at least ten thousand dollars a pace he's interest grew. The trio spent many evenings planning their attack. They put their trust Austin Midge. Tell it by asking her to purchase supplies. They didn't Wanna be witnessed buoying including bandages dawn then snack foods for the road without asking any questions. Meech Board everything they requested. Bradley knew exactly where everyone needed to bay during the robbery in order to secure the toy at bank while he collected the whole from this safe and they just needed one more person. Helms said the perfect man for the job another rex Khan who was experienced with firearms. Although the men didn't plan on shooting anybody they wanted to appear as though they knew what they were doing when carrying their weapons as chosen died approached. The Wood Bay both member member of the crew became bedridden with the flu. Helms and hill took this as an omen suggesting. They delayed the robbery until the new year but ratliff if was adamant as he had determined that the bank would contain the most money on the last Friday before it closed for Christmas Helms suggested chested. He's in law. Louis Davis might fit the Bill Davis had never banning trouble with the law before but the young man had a large family to support and tomes was certain he would be eager for the opportunity to provide for them for years to come Radley until wet hesitant about Davis's lack of criminal experience but does that we're running out of options. They agreed to median Davis seemed agreeable and dependable enough to get the job done and so was brought in on their plan on Thursday December. Twenty Two nineteen twenty seven the day before the robbery ratliff had a to funnel issues to sort out while the other three men had never had any business enciso before ratliff space was well known around town including by the police. Chief Meech tell it had been sewing a Santa Costume for the holiday season and ratliff asked to borrow it image happily obliged the fun part of the plan was the source a getaway vehicle. None of the men owned a car so they around the local neighborhoods until they found a navy blue buick with the case in the ignition and a full tank of gas. They drive it back to the boarding house and spent the remainder of the evening bolstering net courage but getting drunk on elektra lightning a powerful bootleg whiskey in the early hours of December. Twenty three nineteen twenty seven. The full men said off in the Buick Nick for the one hundred fifty mile journey to Cisco avoiding driving through logic towns where they might garner attention has denied that destination. The Nation ratliff went over the planning detail once again. He knew the names of the first national bank employees as likely to be on Judy that day and presumed Alex fees would be the cashier's desk and jewel po would Bain saw the first tell us cage. He didn't anticipate there would would be more than a couple of customers in so at the bank upon their arrival Davis was extremely uncomfortable with the number of pistols and ammunition I had had brought along the ratliff ray assured him the guns were mostly show and it was highly unlikely that would be required to shoot the bank cashier. Alex Bees was nine two of said he would never risk being injured. Just obey a hero in a hold up. The group arrived in Cisco a little before. Midday ratliff directed hill to park the Buick. Near the end of the alleyway and pointed out the door they would escape through. After obtaining INDE- Lewd Helms Hill and Davis lurked in the shadows of the alley dressed in ordinary clothing while ratliff don t Santa suit disguise because the role he's intricate planning ratliff hadn't factored in the attention. The suit might attract from local children as he strived from the getaway car to the bank. Faithful at the disguise would allow him to blend in with the Christmas shoppers but instead it was drawing a load of unwanted interest. Several of the children followed him into the bank which was significantly Busia than he had anticipated. Still committed to his plan land. He awaited the arrival of his three accomplices. He refused to respond to the grading. Given by the cash E. Alex Bees had a fee v. he would recognize his voice when the others arrived the host began and ratliff quickly to work stuffing his burlap sack with cash in bonds while the others. The God hill. Yoda a woman and her young daughter who making a break for it through the boot Cape is office but he was soon distracted from their escape. Boy a noise. Outside a crew of local men had formed an orderly blockade in front of the bank with guns drawn when the first gunshot rang out. The mob rule to live and descended on the building. Hill fired a volley holy of shots into the ceiling. Hoping it would signify that the rubbers were armed and dangerous. But he's warning shots. Were met with a barrage of gunfire. Davis was struck Multiple Times as the bank descended into chaos Helms but a two young girls twelve year old Levin Coma and and ten year old MMA Robertson carrying near the KANTA. He motioned for them to accompany him into the bouquet is room behind the tellers. mm-hmm the girls put their hands up. They raised over while the other rub is used several of the bank's customers to create a human shield many of the a billion sustained gunshot wounds when they were rushing to the rear door as did ratliff with the bullet having such a strong impact that it caused him to spin around. In order to protect the innocent people caught in the crossfire. Police ordered the vigilante mob to save via Helms emerged from the re- door shielded by. He's too young hostages he brandished the gun. In eighteen shooting both weapons at once ratliff grabbed Laverne and may from homes and bundled them into the Buick. He soon recognized the odor of the pair as Laverne Coma and and realized he would have to continue wearing he. Santa Costume to avoid being identified the four rubbers climbed into the vehicle and took off police chief Bedford planted himself in the middle of the alleyway and shot at the windshield as citizens also gave chase. Helms hoisted himself off off. Why out of the Buick Window? Eighties gun had shaved Bedford and pulled the trigger hitting him. Five Times as the Buick wake sped away the shooting along Cisco's main drag came to a stop and witnesses surveyed the damage police chief Bedford and officer George Komo Lay mortally wounded and six citizens were badly injured including bank cashier allied species who had received a gunshot wound to the jaw. Aw Mary Nelson who had been pod of the RUB as human shield and customers pay rather did Brady Biggs and Oscar clay head. All sustained sustained gunshot wounds. The bank was riddled with more than two hundred bullet holes making it impossible to determine whether the bandits the police ace or the bounty hunting mall had been responsible for the injuries..

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