Thirty Years discussed on Prime Minister's Questions


Investors so instead of waiting commercial lawyers and accountants holding secret meetings with no public accountability will the government now calling this contract buy out the investors and deliver a publicly owned publicly rome hospital for the people of liverpool gentlemen we are absolutely committed to getting the royal liverpool hospital built as record as possible and security best value for money in doing sir we're supporting the royal liverpool broadgreen university hospitals trust in that work i do not think though that what the honorable gentlemen advocated which was to buy out the interests of the banks who have lent money to this project is the right approach to take that would encourage irresponsible lending in the future against the prospect that there would be a government bailout down the line and i think it is important risk is seen to lie with the banks with the lenders and not the underwritten by the tax payer now we're working with the trust actively and with existing private sector funds to see if we can find a way forward for them to complete the remaining work the hospital mr speaker we hope this will conclude in the very near future aylesbury for over thirty years so i really understand the comprehensiveness of his replies reflections distinction as a noted academic that i just make the point to get through the questions on the paper mr elba's costa thank you given the nato summit this week will night right on roofing reassure me on my south leicestershire constituents that this government will continue to see nato as the bedrock of britain given the range of threats that this nation faces including the polling use of naji agent agents on british soil mr speaker first of all as well as the government's concerned nato is and will remain the bedrock of our collective security and certainly the threat posed by russia we'll be one of the subjects that the prime minister and other leaders will be discussing this summit in brussels i just reflect on the fact that relieved of your position has said on the record he wishes that we were not path nato the the use of nerve agents in this country is appalling and impossible to excuse the police continue to investigate the problem the what happened what how that attack was caused and the government is also fully committed to supporting the region and its residents and we've announced new financial help to seoul spray on the surrounding area today until she was right to the age of eighteen my constituent lead a healthy and happy life since then she suffered severe post traumatic stress disorder seizures and blackouts panic attacks anxiety and depression heavily reliant on her mother's care the department for work and pensions has refused to a water in hans straight of personal independence payments on the base of the when she presented her assessment she wasn't demonstrating these particular symptoms at the time and as a result her mother is unable to claim income support peres allowance placing financial hardship on top of severe emotional distress can i ask him to ranger a meeting for me with the secretary of state for work and pensions because what my constituent has experience is i'm afraid another example of what we see can we it also which is the cruel and inhumane consequences of this government's welfare policies i know that the gentleman has campaign issue for some time and i think the whole house would want to offer sympathies which i certainly share to his constituent and anyone affected by this appalling condition i will certainly draw to the attention of the secretary of state for work and pensions the points that he has made i'm sure that meeting will be arranged for him with the secretary of state or one hundred ministers dame cheryl gillan every we'll have around a thousand people in that constituencies that are on spectrum and who will suffer from zaidi and in crisis moments often will not know where to turn mr speaker we're all familiar with this expression around here don't make a mountain out of a molehill says this week sees the launch of mal hill mountain a free groundbreaking smartphone app which is being developed by the charity autistic and we'll help autistic adults manage their anxiety well my rice wonderful.

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