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Who got married? Terry Finley, son, Ryan. Oh, cool. I'm sure that was a time. That was a really good time. It was a great wedding. Beautiful weather was good. It was outside overlooking Saratoga Lake and a beautiful farm. It was a nice day. Yeah, well, congratulations to Ryan then. That's great. Good kid too. Fantastic. Yes, he is. Good family. All right, question number four. Today's grade two Stephen foster at Churchill downs is one of 8 win in your in races for the breeders cup classic division. The others are the February stakes in Japan, which was already won by cafe farrow earlier this year. The Haskell, the Whitney, the Judd man international in the UK, the Pacific classic the jockey club gold cup and the awesome again stakes. Which of those 8 prep races do you guys view as being the most critical if you want to win the breeders cup classic? Timmy? Well, since I did my homework is Dale well knows that I did on this now the breeders cup win in your end started in 2007. And since then, horses that have prepped for their prep, heading to the breeders cup, 5 of them were in the Whitney. 5 of them won the 5 of them were ran in the Whitney. Four of them ran into the jockey club gold cup. Then you go to the Haskell and a couple awesome again too. Stephen foster had one. But there's some other horses that had a different path altogether. You look at arrogate. I mean, his preparations last race before the classic was the Travers. The same thing for American pharaoh. I mean, I think that I think the win in wins win in your ends are an important piece to get to the class. I don't know if it's the all the main reason to get to run in a race like that just to get to the classic. Horsemen know the schedules for their horses and I think they're going to end Dale can tell more about this. They're going to send the horse where they think the horse is fits and is ready to run. But as far as the best race of this group to get to, the breeders cup, I'm going to go with the Whitney. Nick's goal is another. He won last year, won the Whitney last year. Kentucky won the Lucas classic and on the way to the breeders cup. But I think the Whitney is a key race for horses that are heading to the breeders cup because it fits so well on the schedule, you know, early August, and then a lot of them will race one more time. Some might just train up to the race. Yeah, I want to agree with you on the Whitney. I love the way anyway. I think it's just a special race. It's one of the premier races in the country. But it's a good prep for a couple of reasons. Because it does, it gives you options. If you win it, you can sit back and wait and just run in the classic if you got a type of horse. We got a horse think needs more work. You can get one more race between the two. So we're going to need to meet the best prep race, but that's one of my favorite old horse races in the country anyway. Dale, did it seem, I mean, from a trainer's standpoint, is it advantageous, let's say you're running the Whitney, and then you train up to the breeders cup. Would you rather do something like that? Or would you rather race in another race before the breeders cup? Well, it depends a lot on your horse. I mean, I personally, if everything was perfect, probably want to run one more time, but can you take a horse like America federal member? He got beat with Trevor's. I don't know if you remember that. But I do agree. Who beat him? Okay, horse keen ice beating. Yeah. Yo, I remember that horse. Did someone deserve this year? Who trained to be nice? That happened to be me, but besides that, that's not why I brought it up, but if my point is, I think America Farrell was probably getting a little tired. He didn't run into preparations and then officers from The Crown races and the high school and he came over. I think it did him good to have the time between the two races. And he came back and ran gangbusters in the classic king. These 8 horses nowadays have to be pampered more than they used to be. Well, it sure seems like it. I mean, I don't know why, I don't know why that is. I don't know what's changed, but we're talking the other day for a horse. We had ten days between races and my father was training. That was a time offline was put on him. Right. Right. He would run over 7 days. And now you can't do anymore. And I don't know why. I don't know what it is about the horse or if you tried to. The media would tear you up. Is it because of the breathing do you think? I really don't know. I don't know what it is to you. I think we have two things a lot different than they used to. And I think that all plays into it. Everybody's getting so calculating and they're cheaper horses. It would be common to see one on the program would run 50 times. You don't see that anymore. When you consider it to be the bigger upset. Court vision beating gold at kova or keen ice beating American pharaoh. The most historic one. Yes. I think the question to beat a Triple Crown winner. I'll tell you about core vision winning that race. That wasn't a power packed mile. But to me it seemed like it was all horses that may have gone over the tipping point a little bit. And we're on the downside of their careers instead of up. And he was doing so well that day. It was just he just had a perfect day..

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