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Peter Berg sport how sure follow us on Twitter at mark Tauscher sixty five myself at Peter burns ESPN as we just heard highlights from the Auburn Tigers winning over the Oregon ducks bowed necks touchdown pass with just nine seconds left the legend of Bo next starts first true freshman starting quarterback to start a game for the Tigers since nineteen forty six will get into that and more college football in just a bit but tell sure you saw on the Twitter dot coms machine that Adam Schefter had an interesting nugget regarding the Clowney trade from the Texas to the Seattle Seahawks what was that Sir yes so it's cloudy obviously was franchise by the Texans and before you can make a trade yes to agree to sign that tender and so he had all the leverage and run with Houston trying to get a packet but kind of move forward they have to pay cloudy a seven million dollar signing bonus while Seattle is gonna pay the other eight of his salary and the Seattle can not take him what Houston just did this source to Adam Schefter so really Houston not only trades and gets what I think most people look at is hardly a third round pick which is not great value for a talent like Clowney but they also have to write a seven million dollar check to cloudy on his way out the door for him to sign that tender which it fantastic move by chronic yeah I was gonna say so cloudy goes to a team in which values him a little bit more has an opportunity to have success with Seattle in that defense and have success in the in a sea and then parlayed into being a free agent after that on the other side of it okay this is one of those rare NFL trade I think everybody believe it or not no matter what you want to hear today you'll hear her best week ever Peter birds of our township this was a great trade for everybody it's a great trade for Seattle because they get clown it's a great trade for planning and the way the deal was done he can make a bunch of money it's a great trade for the Miami Dolphins a get a bevy of of draft picks because they were taking the rig regardless now this makes it easier that even if they don't land the number one pick in the draft in that spot of the the worst team they have enough kind of currency in draft picks to trade up to get it and I still believe is a great deal for bill o'brien right all in for the Texans win here when now Ross guess what you'll be coaching back in college or somewhere else down the road it's a great deal now for the Texans there it's not gonna look is great it unless they win the World Championship this year but when you're not having draft picks first round for the next two years that's when it gets a less but for quality he doesn't get tag he's gonna be motivated and very adult playing in Seattle for a defensive lineman with that crowd which outdoor is the loudest stadium make your job a lot easier because all offensive tackles can't get off on the snap count as well he's going to get some cheaper sacked if this was a great move for cloudy because his value he now has this one season to really prove and he will be a complete unrestricted free agent with every team being able to bid on his services he is gonna get paid a truckload now you know it's interesting to the Miami Dolphins have a hundred million dollars projects in the past well I was gonna say much they get Clowney and I still I'm all in bill o'brien keep trading baby just keep on going like you're playing Madden franchise mode in your Xbox go ahead and get Melvin Gordon from the Chargers right now and make that happen he's mark Tauscher I am Peter burns also big news in the NFL also huge news in college football as we ended up having a monster weekend including all burned defeating organ in here was how basically the game ended nine seconds left the legend of beau Nick's grow I would still was left guns one for the goal line Williams.

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