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Not being the transition zone? Like why I'm speaking on behalf of the kids? The kids want some snow. Don't even get me started. All right. Well, good. We'll see what shakes out there and I will talk to you tomorrow. All right, man, have a good day goes to the same 32 out there. 700 wlw Sports. Good morning in college basketball last night, Jalen cruncher scoring 27 points, including 14 of Dayton's final 21 as the Flyers upset number 22 ST Louis on the road, 76 71. Ninth rated Alabama knocked off Kentucky 70 to 59. The Wildcats are five and 10 coach Cal and we had a two point lead with the ball, Mrs shot they make one We come down, you know, don't execute and we did stuff at the end where we had our chances. Um And, uh, you know, you can't You gotta really be an aggressive player, And that means that tough, aggressive player And if you're not tough, you're gonna lose balls. I mean, Do we turn it over three or four times down the stretch. Come on. Elsewhere last night JT shoe mate with 33 points. Is Toledo out? Guns Miami, 90 to 81 tonight. Penn State up against number. 13, Ohio State 25th Rated global faces climb some of the cards. Action. 7 30, ESPN 15 30 Baseball. Former Reds shortstop Freddy Galvis Science, is a free agent last night with the Baltimore Orioles. One year deal. $1.5 Million. No. One elected to baseball's Hall of Fame for only the fourth time since 1961 Curt Schilling, Miss. By 16 votes Getting 71% of the vote by the baseball writers, 14 ballots were turned in a blank. Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens were next to 61% former red of Scott Rolen, trending in the right direction in the Hall of Fame. Voting. Get it going from 35 to 52%. Free agent shortstop Andrelton Simmons, signing last night with the Minnesota Twins attend one year $10 million Deal..

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