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Towson he was of the lease to qualify for the Riley private event rooms overlook yeah that does your dog chance qualifying next hour be listening for your chance to call in and win what we're talking about all the things that Bernie has been promising all the goodies well of course were about all the batteries the taxes on it so forth but that has led some to call him Bernie godfather Bernie Sanders makes a lot of campaign promises that seem too amazing to be all American dreams because he's your burning god mother how will all this stuff he paid for his Bernie god mother take care of you and you won't have to do anything for yourself sureties and news twenty two on a party but if someone's there was no just wave a magic wand and everything's going to be paid for it is gonna be great we'll have utopia bill Bernie will cure cancer Bernie will have everybody gainfully employed as we all know where socialism leaves doesn't always leave while its redistribution of wealth but a little further but it shared misery that's what it is these forms of collectivist government which which means that you can have somebody at the top are deciding all these things for you I whether it is of fascism or communism or Nazism or or the green movement or or somebody at the top is going to make a decision as to how you lead your life I reject I want to make my own decisions I know that's an odd idea in this state and in this country right now but I think that we should be responsible for ourselves once we are adults but but listen this Tom's tire even kind of presenting myself as is you know I'm just as really nice environmental guy here is his real agenda I will declare just you know not like a state of emergency on climate on the first day of my presidency and I will use the executive emergency powers of the presidency to tell companies how there can generate electricity what kind of cars they can build on what schedule what kind of buildings were going to have how we're gonna use our public lands how the government which is the biggest buyer fossil fuels in the world is going to move to clean energy that's fascism no no I'm sorry he left out that he's going to bring back the odd even plays on the odd days Democrats can breathe on the even days Republicans can bring up I mean that's that's straight out fascism the guy he's going by by executive decree on his first day start telling companies how they can generate electricity what kind of cars they can manufacture everything this if you go for the textbook definition of fascism yes there is private ownership of business however the government tells those businesses precisely what they can do what kind of cars are going to be I mean exactly which tires said right I get to the collectivist philosophy that means some smart person call quote air culture up to the top is gonna tell you you dumb person exactly how you should leave your life all right let's get the phone to this morning bobbin park Phil good morning Robert you're on the morning drive good morning gentlemen want to talk about Bernie and Fadell yeah I remember Fidel Castro very well yeah how many how many people the murder of his own people and so forth to use just about that have not state think indicate roughly what I wanted to Bernie one thing this country you does he say it's not great well you tell that to a Vietnam veteran you tell that to a Korean War veteran or will the war were to her you tell that that Mr to their face and tell it to the active duty personnel in the United States military today you tell them to their face after running your mouth about this case country I hate that I really despise our prime minister that's what you are Mister that's exactly what you are and there is no such thing as free this country has to pay the tax for the so called freedom for the the only roles for instance most membership instead of the medical care then the next natural citizens of the United States who were born here perhaps you like that I don't I've got news for you Mister you are you you hate the United States so much wanted to just pack up and get the hell out here Bob thank you so are your passion man failed to call like says the burn will do for the country what his wife Jane did for Burlington college this is a good thing the other user that was not a good thing don't know but look at it together communism has killed sixty million people worldwide either through revolution a direct revolutions and violence or through their incredibly inefficient and incompetent way of delivering goods and services food staples of life when my parents visited Poland many many back and this was back in the eighties are you still on the line for everything this is when it was still under the control of the Soviet bloc and in in Poland used in line for bread for milk for flowers anything any goods and sometimes you stood in line for hours upon hours we take for granted in this country where we have basic on any supermarket we got set up with there's no express one or if there's no self scanned or whatever the case may be go to a communist country and see how they live and the baby that's what that's where Bernie should go and bring courses ideas won't work there because I have worked anywhere but what do you think other he hunted with her but it was temporary it wasn't a permanent residents not only wants to bring it what does the the suffering of Venezuela the totalitarianism of the former Soviet Union a third to this country and there it is again I think I just have a tough time I I think what is a very dangerous man the most dangerous man running in my estimation and I just I have a hard time thinking that the country will accept this as a whole now here in Maryland where they have now completely sacrifice at the altar of progressivism and have not really experienced the the perils and the evil of of of socialism communism there sixty one percent of earners okay let's try it maybe we'll do it better maybe we can build a better mousetrap but I don't I don't see you have total you know there there's always a snow you feeling that the only problem with socialism is that nobody has done it right and I know exactly how to do it right some forty three right now talk radio six eighty WCBS tropical weather on the threes are quicker morning morning run she was a service of Arnie's automotive six oh one back river neck road in Essex route forty west has re opened from the incident at the top of the hill park drive going into our casual the westbound lanes back in business course with the rain number.

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