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Strange to me and i liked tony storm. I was excited when she joined annex to you can. I will hang onto this until the day. I maybe not die. Because i can still change opinions but up until this point tony. Storms best match happened with dakota kyw on the opening few matches that happened on annex t. Uk when they were doing qualifiers for the annex t uk women's championship tournament or not qualifies. But they were actually in the tournament. Jetta great fantastic match with the go-to guy and she has had very very ordinary to. There's a couple of bad ones in there so thinking. Gmt lifted super chat. Thank you very much ward. Pouring water equals worn wanting the crowd. That's right would you. Would you all like a little moment of. Asa mar to sip from my beverage for my tasty beverage can take a minute here so i can drink some water. That's.

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