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Until twenty twenty to see what the outcome of the next US, president presidential election will be Iran doesn't want to negotiate with potentially one term president. And I think that for some conservative members reruns political establishment negotiating with with President Trump is personal this administration has been quite aggressive in their rhetoric against Iran. And so obviously from their perspective, it would be it would be more. They believe that maybe working with the democ a democrat a new starting on a new slate at could be to their advantage in something they could sell inside. It's quote, a while to waste though and foil, President Trump faces troubles on his own domestic scene. He could quite easily use an international structure. And I I want to get your thoughts on a rather provocative headline. I read about this story. It was a think piece as it were. But this think piece on the question if the US. And around could be headed for war that is provocative. I think we have to be a bit careful. Everyone has maybe becoming a bit hysterical. I don't think that the Iranians or the United States is heading directly to war. And why do I not think that well, the US president has campaigned and been very clear that the US is trying to disengage militarily in the Middle East. So this would be against one of his campaign promises. And he's about to enter into another campaign. He likes to demonstrate accountability, the Iranians also don't have military, symmetry and know that they wouldn't be able to survive at conventional war with the United States. So. The problem here is that esscalation in many of the different theaters where both Iran in the United States, operate quite closely with that could be Iraq that could be in the Persian Gulf that could be with forces in Syria that could be over the Yemen war. There could be some sort of escalation, and so the increase in rhetoric that we're hearing with president a secretary of state Pompeo saying if one single American gets injured, we're going to take that as provocation is to really send strong signals to Iran, be careful don't do anything. Silly in order to again expand your leverage in this period. So I think the the very heavy language where hearing in the precedent in immediate statements are because of that, okay? Okay. Thank you very much for joining us with your thoughts. Here's what else we're keeping an eye on on today's globalist. The United States has started to apply a twenty five percent tariff on two hundred billion dollars worth of Chinese imports after failing to agree a trade deal with China it more than doubles the rate of ten percent which had been in place. China's says is deeply regrets the move and that will take necessary counter. North Korea has fired what appears to be too short range missiles in its second such test in less than a week. There's tensions between Pyongyang and Washington re escalate after President Donald Trump walked out of peace talks, the US also said that it had ceased a North Korean cargo ship on suspicion of violating sanctions and a woman who pretended to be a wealthy heiress and defrauded New York hotels and banks out of two hundred thousand dollars has been sentenced to four years in prison twenty eight-year-old Anna Sorkin apologize to the court for what she called her mistakes. Among her misdemeanors were faked loan applications and Vance checks. Nah. Netflix has bought the rights to tell her story from New York magazine, which helped to uncover us. This is the globalist. Stay tuned. Next to the murky world of policing the internet next week New Zealand's, Prime minister just center are done and the French president Emmanuel Macron attend to call on tech executives to eliminate the publication of extremist online content. Good move. You might think..

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