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Issues across the nation on kaleidoscope, a new podcast from CBS audio new episodes every Monday. 83 starting with Cairo radio. Real time traffic, Sully Not Too bad as we start the eight o'clock our Colleen, the heaviest slowing right now is in the Tacoma area from about 72nd up through 56 up around the Tacoma Mall. Just kind of heavy. There are a lot of people ahead into downtown Tacoma right around eight o'clock. Leading emerging slowing, though it's not too bad on I five. Once you get around that 16 actually looks pretty good, as does 5, 12 and even the drive from Olympia into Tacoma's Pretty Quiet at about 33 minutes. Federal way to Seattle back down to about 40 minutes. Right now, 25 of those minutes from South senator does get really heavy right around. Michigan curb as you work your way around the corner there towards the West Seattle Bridge exits North 167 from end to end. We're running at about 38 minutes, just a little blip of slowing their between Auburn and Kent right around two 77th. Northbound four or five the S curves normal 35 minutes to run the length. There were certainly easing out of the north end. It's turning into a pretty good drive. Almost all the slowing on southbound four or five has disappeared. Give yourself 35 minutes from Everett to Bellevue. At about 37 from effort to Seattle. Little slowing around the county line a little bit more across the ship Canal Bridge. This report brought to you by mattress firm Get a king bed for Queen Price at mattress firm. Save up to $500 on top rated brands like Silly and Sleepy's. This hour of Seattle's Morning news brought to you by Wilcox Family Farms..

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