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Every grocery store every restaurant where there's I want your mom your mom to have a ringtone on my cell phone which is just saying that's not a question so a q. and as I can just play. That's an anecdote. That's not a question you know as an eighty five year old woman she can get away with murder and it's a lot of moral authority that she ask why was even telling the story about the boy who wanted to know how nukes oh because we have a we have a post office address. You can send us things. I just just check the mail. <hes> a woman from Portland. Send US copies of her of her books are very funny books. Apparently <hes> it's a collection of Zine seen some nebulous several issues of her zine. If you're if you're interested in like this one is about the local grocery department apartments Fred Meyer so I'm going to be checking that out. Also somebody sent us these clocks here she three D. printed which are a moebius strip. Yes this time is a flat circle and you can see that on these. I guess the idea is that after going to twelve at does not wrap around a one but it goes around to the back of the Moebius Strip and starts counting from thirteen fourteen fifteen all the way to twenty four and I don't know what you'd have to hang the clocks where you could see it from both sides. I feel like the person should have sent cents a little bit of instruction about how they wanted us to use. We each get one which is nice yet but we we. We've talked talked about them. Now a little bit and we're confused about exactly how it's meant I think if you hang a similar where you can see both sides just have to spend the first twelve hours of the day on this side of your room and then at noon you you walk around together. Southern where you can see the back of the moebius strip where the numbers thirteen through twenty four are are posted. If you are going to send us a gift. Please do not have that gift require that if you if you send us a four dimensional get please. John is not want any non euclidian gift. Just have the gift be a nice thing and not a thing that has to make you move to the other side of the I don't want to have to go. This gift obligates me to be over there now but when you have thought of these artifacts you may send them to us at this this project pillbox five five seven four four shoreline. Washington ninety one five five future links from our vantage point in your distant past. We I have no idea how long our civilization survived but surely it will collapse partly in response to some futures markets. That's goes awry. Oy or that. Kid actually getting the bomb right the kid might get the bomb he might have from the lady from Pakistan may explain it to him in great enough detail that he goes and finds security that gold and creates eighty prints of all gold bomb bomb medicated balm anyway <hes> we hope and pray that the gold bomb never goes off but if the worst comes soon this recording like all our recording maybe our final word also <unk> are recordings are solid gold so yeah. We're going to put him on a solid gold record. It'll be the last minute accused and leave them. Very providence allows future tailings. We hope to be back with you soon. For another entry in Neelum for more podcasts from iheartradio visit the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you listen to your favorite shows what do Tinder Ben and Jerry's and Wells Fargo have in common their all iconic businesses founded by regular people so how they do it. Where did they go wrong. Where did they go right. And how can you start your own iconic business. Do you have to meet when you were kids like Ben and Jerry what if you all end up hating each other like the founders of tinder or what if one partner wants to hit the road and the other wants to stay home like Henry Wells and William Fargo. I'm Dana Barrett host of the new IHEART podcast bizarre graffiti. Listen and subscribe on Apple podcasts the iheartradio APP or wherever you get your podcasts.

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