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Oh about this when he did his interview it almost feels like tiger is is realizing i got another chance my kids are watching me how am i not able to enjoy this like don't be afraid to enjoy this instead of having that you know the blinders on and cut throat cutthroat tiger you see that oh i absolutely do you know as much as i'm enjoying golf i'm enjoying the way he seems to be enjoying himself this is i think the tiger woods everybody just wanted to see forever you know he he comes in he's he actually has fun with the media he seems sincere you know and they even the other day got kind of a curveball question and and he didn't he didn't blow up about it or anything he just navigated his way through it beautifully i think he in this downturn i'm guessing i mean some of his friends are my friends but i think he found the value of a friendship and these dark times his i really do i think he leaned on them and i think he found the value in it and i think he also found value in and and a lot of support having a lot of support around him so i think he's drawn from that of enjoyed the live from and you know be nice to to frank and all always nice to them okay let's they disagree with me really fucked thank you brandon i'll be watching you guys take care that's brandel chamblee golf channel analyst and part of goal channels gulf central live from the masters coverage openinground underway coverage on gulf channel can be seen leading up to the tournament action live tournament action mmediately following once play concludes each day can we play the leader in the clubhouse the jim nance sound like contest.

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