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More. Obviously two teams are going to get some great chess pieces as we move to the middle of season I'm wondering if something else crazy happens like out. The steelers released big band. Some crazy saying like because that's the kind of week it seems like it's we're we're headed like that's a really crazy to me but what's also crazy as what you mentioned to me off the stream yesterday. And that's urban meyer being on the hot seat already now when you when you told me this. Obviously i made a joke. Put myself in his shoes right on to get over mired but then i hear it doesn't even really about football like yes. It's about football but now it's not about football it's becoming i. It's it's about him getting a lap dance and a bar. I didn't see the video. I didn't hear the audio. I just saw. It's more than just that. Like i feel like people are going to focus on that but it was more than that. Like doc used the term to coach. It never lose the locker right. I think that's what happened the lap gate. I don't i don't you dare go any further. You stop you stop right there. Don't you dare go any g you. Yes gate laugh gate hashtag lap gay. That's it or making a lump. Let me put that down as a hashtag. That's the official thumbnail for this show now. Oh yeah i don't do that. Urban don't do that. go ahead to you. would you say d. image or viral tick-tock or whatever. It was writing. All the world was more of the cherry on top. Because there's an run the fact that they were talking about going back to college to coach after week one so they did. I kinda yeah who think that. The lap dance awkwardness. That occurred is the reason why we're talking no not at all. I will say this. And i'm glad you mentioned that because as you so eloquent eloquently purchase these nick sabin books. Were me and i. Obviously i found another resources. Well i found another audio books. i. I'm getting nonstop statement. I got i got hard covers. I got an audio book. I said i'm going to go deep dive into nick sabin so obviously we know nick. Sabin came to the getting those statements. I am he came to the nfl. And i heard the story. This is from a different perspective from the book so far but the guy told the story of the inside discussion between nick sabin at that time. The general manager of the dolphins which can't remember his name and the athletic director of the university of alabama. So nick did not want to go to alabama He wanted to stay in miami and try to finish the she told the media. I am not going back to college but that stor right. You wanna try. But inside. he was having a i. Guess internal dialogue about returning to college and it was his wife who really wanted to go to college because nfl wives. I guess don't really have a place in football whereas in college you know it's almost like you're like the first lady kinda thing so And raising your kids in miami compared to probably alabama. i mean. it's probably apples and oranges. I mean i you know it is what it is but i remember him saying. I don't want to leave. Because i know i just told him that i wasn't going. You know what i'm saying. And here we go he got urban meyer saying hey. I don't want to go back to college. I just got here. Urban really. just got here. But we've seen with the atlanta falcons situation right. I mean that was really really bad And i believe it was. Midseason when the falcons coach left and that was Don't know why. Brian kelly qena. Dang willa wasn't brian kelly. Oh my god he went to. Ucla oh my again. I think his name but it'll come to me. I'm pretty sure But after that season or more junior. That's what it was it was It was more. I know johnny chris. Somebody howdy bobby. Patrice between really. Yeah oh that makes even worse. 'cause but ever gino so bobby between us it was jim moret junior for some reason. I don't know why did he leave a college team. I just throw him or jimmy ended up us for no reason. Actually oh god or it was him but whatever but yes pacino. Left team midseason. I don't think every minority there was the head. Coach for the falcons before by trina and he was. Hey for two thousand. Four hundred thousand six Anyway urban meyer yeah. Urban meyer. probably should've waited and went back to college. But i mean i don't blame the jaguars for taking the splash I think if i was urban meyer like i said my first hire like i would have done my best matter of fact our scratch out if i was a jaguars i would have went in called job radi. I know he only had one year. As an as an assistant coach under the panthers and matt rule but i would have called joe brady i would hire joe brady And we would have just had to row with that that young head coach because him and obviously anything could have happened but it is what it is. So you're thinking it's more than just a wooden just at gates locker room.

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