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GonNa we all do the second could a second one was like we had. We made sure we didn't. That's where we are in the actual coral reefs itself the actual quarry no art out. I remember we were. I didn't know you did to or not but I do remember. Remember I was hiding okay with two of them went to the Patriots. Sharks get no pictures but yell everybody has. I was GONNA say withholding the sharks so youth right yet. The third one is the one we didn't do become a reduced. I'd is the best way you should come to this one and it's the shortest one. I am straightening. I am stupor. Tired and SUPERMODEL supermodel. Leg was lily. I can't move my right leg. Would you think would just plan in order though. Listen I kept jumping into water jumping water and everything OSCEOLA. I WANNA say near the boat because when I want to be done. I'm going to be done right in there. I don't WanNa have to swim back. Affiliate 'cause secretive anytime breaks out there running or cardio you go out differs like let's go out there first half miles somewhere. Eli Artists feel good. Miller still straight like Dan. I got a mile back home. Do you realize her. It'll be because you still got that Adrenalin. He's still mad. Or whatever you you hear your New England becky like I'm not that man no more I'm not that man. No more meals for you can get the same type news on these machines then no scenery betsy. I have always preferred to be outside writer listening you give me the scenery. I feel better when our money running circle and attracting Osei. aww Say that still like being a man is running over. Four five twenty eight laps and stuff. They know listening as trying to run them. Good and in meet like I can only do it in a meeting like doing for practicing. While you're Y you're making me do this. Why is let my natural stemming the Kerry me then we figure it out from there? That's it I appreciate it I appreciate we somehow sidetracked into a whole tangent about life running from Thanksgiving which never did any type of running thanksgiving except for it to the bathroom and to get another plate may so first off to anymore families. Listen to this. y'All got to stop asking me. Am I like Oh you got another plate Nigga this give them a Winning took their naps. But I could clear some room to get this next. You are correct. I'm like you just leave the bathroom. So you know I have more face. God there's not less dope Okay so how the family function dinner and everything Thanksgiving Day It was pretty quiet We didn't really have like the big family over 'cause my My great aunt really get at the hospital and so we went over to her house. 'cause she didn't WanNa like have to have anybody stay at home with her. You know they couldn't go out. How so we just kind of went over there and it was pretty small So yeah and yes my family's alcoholics. You know by by the time we started getting ready to go. I didn't surprisingly. I didn't drink that much. 'CAUSE I was already tired as fuck from that morning but I look up and I'm like we got push wrong. We've got Crown Peach we got some fucking cranberry wine I have SECO- my sister. Had the Surat Read Bury. Sorry somebody else came with Shit on the underside tonight. I'm like what the fuck is wrong with. The OSCEOLA mine has a whole ads bar in her basement. So I don't know how much people actually drink. Journalists have the work on Friday. I know Okra. No listen I will that work hungover fuck and didn't give a fuck. That's okay man. Usually how it goes. Listen I do physical work there. I can't be hungover physical Steph. Jeff Okay Twenty five seconds each. Because I thought we'd be on this for twenty minutes house the whole Thanksgiving weekend the rest of it that we didn't talk about very busy. I didn't get to have a short week like everybody else. On Kirk franksgiving was really good. Food slats And we got some media coverage so that's idea see that's actually. I wanted to say. Shut up the yellow throated channel. Seven's star then. I saw turnout from the pictures. Few pictures that show desire is now what about you. The cousins did all that yearly gathering today. After so you know we went out that people are they are they. Are they boyfriends and girlfriends shades. So we we actually start having competition because all of us are competitive tailfin no reason who looked with. Nah actually. Can we start. We start off by bowling so we really would like all right. So Margaret favors geography family. So Yo Nigga over there with you and then yet wrestlers over here about this fellow okay. We've over here talk. You should the hotel so yeah. That's just kind of how that plays out. My family lives down family. That did cousins there. That's so nice. We started doing the last year so like it's kind of a newer relatively are weird. We could all live a separate states. Those it was barely we all actually can come together very even on holidays so here we are so as legislators a yearly thing. Yeah I think we started doing the cause we do ours like the day away a day or two after Christmas. I think we started ours sometime when I was in high school so like the older cousins were in college and stuff like that and now nick his mayor Eden. I didn't get a masters degree so they really don't live here anymore. So I say we're trying to make this consistent so the fact that you can do it the fact like my sister. She's he's Mike. My sisters come like it's actually coming home nearly like that's a consistent thing now and we'll see bob come home and really wants I leave. That's that's still the planet but Yeah we'll Z.. Thanksgiving is when people come on. Come home for Christmas. Thanksgiving is the one for that. 'cause you gotta remember like the one good thing about Thanksgiving in just a quick tunnel is they've given us always always like ninety eight percents of people normally get Thursday or Friday off. Excuse where they beat be do their union their job on we has it or whatever the case is so. That's why Christmas there should be on a Monday to I mean yeah I coming back stuff like that if easier to to maneuver gin four or five days because I also only work that Wednesday take off whatever the case might be. Your kid is out so take their vacation stuff like that. Chris is like what is going to be out of school for three weeks. Christopher on a on a two year this year something like how many people the really bad to come home if you've got to be back to work the next day on their body. Yeah we argue about it but it's like if you ain't got a key there at least not around around small children every all the time. You don't always necessary outside like music and movies not always so. He's not a Christmas spirit all the time like people don't always like gotta come to your house or something in how we talked about. I think last year maybe three months ago was the different types of foods. If you eat for Dave even occurs Chris is not one of those people. Think a lot about being food and being around one person when you think about the gift exchange no is not as family oriented. Not Saying you don't care about family. Descend less family oriented so other main reason why you don't come back for both awesome plus if you bought a town. It's expensive to go one month into literally a monthly. No you've got Loki is actually hard is harder comeback forward because Pfizer slicer normally damage more attacks. It's a lot easier comeback. Four is also from. Because you gotTA figure to. You Got New Year's Eve we later so even if you're not a party type person you still probably. Oh you're doing something for the next week or stuff out you got to prepare for so really unless you probably within like two or three hours of driving distance of you know where your family is you. Oh you gotta drive in. You GotTa make a quick turnaround and then it just so much they gotta play into it so yeah. That's cool man. I'm glad that you had a great Thanksgiving weekend. Manna wished to chocolate against some more rift. So let's get into it. Dan Let Israel risk. Thank you. Jam Bam So Oh how soon or up once the right timeframe from moving on after break-up how do you guys typically gauge it or when do you move on if you do you do you move on. I guess maybe the better question. Yes you should move on should be hung up on anyone you move on. I believe I did. Ah Broker for sure I don't know I guess it's just I could just happen naturally so I came up with this topic because I was talking to one of my sisters at lunch and she was saying how she broke up with. This guy was with for a long time. They had talked about having kids be married. Very moving out of the whole Jambalaya but the Jambalaya fattening by you. Classic Mesh Shuttle New Orleans. We'll be feldman. Jumble is really probably my favorite food actually one of my favorites as of really well on wouldn't have been good Today he got a box. I want to know how to best finish tiptoe light it was like some crawfish and crabs. Finished it listen. I didn't even know. Oh something could be so in Djelic but my Nigga walk on that thing. I said I'd take you. I had to take his car. He need for earthly Litho. Man I didn't need to touch the him his garment tissue so good. I'm GonNa be I'm going to stalk you come back again so Yes that was really good Keep going on July shared information about this crawfish. The man I got his I got his car. But it also made me think I gotTa make some crawfish to fade as week. Somebody tries to make some crawfish as this week for show probably do it tomorrow or Wednesday. Best some coming over coming. I'm sorry go ahead which Salvi get sidetracked So Yeah Shit where was I. I'm so yeah. So they had this whole plan or whatever. He broke on her cardinal rules in a relationship. So she's they broke up whatever and she said like a month to the day they broke up. This new guy came back around and we a new guy that she knew in a pather aspirin. Totally new guy. Because he's a Cambridge around. Just want clarity She they went on at the same time her got the new. Do we the difference. They were associates friends. The quotation marks So the yeah you know. They reconnected on some fresh shit and then one day he was like. Yeah you know I WANNA get married. 'cause he lives in Charlotte. She lives here. He's like yeah. I WANNA get married. You know you're young enough to the fact that if you want kids we have kids kids. She was like.

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