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Come back from that injury in the nfc championship game a couple of years ago and to lead the nfl in tackles just what a year and a half after that come on man as po we were talking about a with matt cain where it's very rare you get that good by moment to say to a one of your favorite blair's into a great player and especially in football it you a lot of guys know stay at that high level for such a long time that you get to watch them walk off the field the given that ovation so it as even that we knew it was near the end of navarro navarro bowman's tenure year still a little painful to see him go yeah no doubt is especially since he'd been such a good forty nine china and just a leader of men and i mean who wouldn't be impressed in attracted to that work ethic in what navarro bowman what he put on film and that's really in in the nfl you can talk about guys that are flamboyant in you know guys that talk of big game in guys it say this and guys at do that in nfl circles it's about what you put down on phil that's what's remembered that's what defines greatness in bowman's tape speaks to a guy that played the position at as bad as high a level as you can play it in kaoshiung and even acknowledged that navarra bowman has been pretty damn good to him even in a short time that he's been here boesman great i've always had the utmost respect for this from film and playing against him since i've been here to it's enormous a person schools and he's been around so this wasn't easy thing it was nice be able to sit and talk to both at home stuff last night i think he totally understood john lewis perspective given we totally understood is you know after hearing you know a drew a toll john how if we work and change at that he would be interested i was looking in trading after we talked about when asked about it definitely felt that was the best thing because wasn't gonna change my opinion on on what we thought was best for him in.

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