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The latest on the new coronavirus variant and so far the U.S. is not reporting a single case of the a Macron variant But health experts believe it's inevitable There is clearly a lot that remains uncertain about the amaran variant University of Maryland infectious disease expert doctor Gregory shrank says the list of unknowns include the symptoms of a Macron variant causes and if the COVID vaccine can protect against it We really do not yet fully understand the implications of this virus variant Discovered in South Africa new cases have popped up in the Netherlands Australia and now Canada strength believes community spread has already begun There have been cases where where there was not a direct travel link to Southern Africa Gigi Barnett W TOP news Across our region local leaders are doing their part to learn more Marilyn governor Larry Hogan will be beating with state health officials today in Virginia the governor's office tells W TOP the governor Ralph northam is monitoring what they're calling the international issue We've also reached out to D.C. mayor Bowser's office but there's been no comment yet In other news police killed an armed man at a Glen burning home yesterday afternoon and that's where they discovered the body of a woman inside and a rental county police say officers shot and killed a man armed with what they call an edged weapon The shooting happened at a home in the 1400 block of brayden loop Police spokeswoman Jacqueline Davis police then searched the home In a closet mudroom type room officers did unfortunately discover the deceased body of that missing female suffering from a parent trauma Davis police.

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